10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Miri (And How Much is the Pay)

Whether you currently have a job in Miri or not, you are likely able to find something that is far more in demand than your current position. In fact, Miri offers a wealth of career opportunities with some of the highest paid positions available. Many of the jobs offer you a challenging yet rewarding experience.looking-for-high-pay-jobs-in-miri

In terms of salary, more than half of all Malaysians agree that the amount of money they earn is top priority when it comes to choosing a job. Usually, the jobs that pay high are from those in the in-demand sectors. One reason is they have a lot of potential for growth. Another reason is that these sectors are critical in developed areas and in the national economy. They are also essential in making the lives of consumers more convenient and in the everyday operations of most businesses.

Identifying the Sectors

Key sectors include the following:

  • Oil & Gasoil-and-gas-sector-is-famous-in-miri-and-provide-many-vacancies
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Telco & Multimedia
  • Information and Communications Technology & Global Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism & Economics

Among those sectors, it is important to identify which one you feel best suits you and the skills you can offer. For instance, if you are good at crunching numbers, you are likely going to find a job in the financial services or accounting sector. If you are good at selling and providing customer service, the tourism as well as the economics sector is likely better suited to you.

Identifying the Jobsidentify-and-think-wise-what-job-you-want-in-miri

Now that you know which sectors to focus on, you should pay attention to which jobs pay the most, which is part of what makes them such in-demand careers for jobseekers. The competition can be fierce for these jobs. But with the right skills and formal education, it is possible to secure one of the work opportunities.

The following are among the highest paying jobs in Miri:

  • Electric & Gas Operations Manager ( RM 27,000)
  • Legal Services Sector (RM 29,083)
  • Pilot (RM 29,375)
  • Strategy Director (RM 30,000)
  • Risk Management Director (RM 40,111)
  • Real Estate Brokers (RM 50,000)
  • Clinical Research Associate (RM 52,917)
  • Marketing Director (RM 55,000)
  • Chief Financial Officer (RM 70,000)
  • Surgeon (RM 70,000)

Keep in mind that qualifying for many of the positions listed above will require more than just skills. You will likely have to acquire formal education to secure one of the top paying positions listed above. However, knowing which positions you are interested in will help you determine what you should study in school. Many of the positions listed above have experienced forward-moving progression, which means they are not showing any signs of slowing down. As such, you are likely to find job vacancies in Miri in at least a few of these positions relatively easy.

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