2 Reasons Why Teak Furniture Will Always Be Timeless

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There’s nothing quite like solid wood when it comes to furniture: the nutty smell, the firmness of feel and the overall presence are some things that set wood furniture apart from those made with more ordinary materials.

In Malaysia, teak (known locally as jati) furniture has withstood the test of time. The local and export demand for teak is also one reason you can find some of the best teak furniture in Malaysia.

Associated with older and more traditional homes of yesteryear, teak continues to be highly valued in a modern home wishing to add a touch of simple elegance to its furnishings.

With so many modern alternatives in building material such as fibreglass, plastic and ceramic, why does the demand for teak continue?

  1. Teak furniture will last you a long time

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Of the various kinds of tropical hardwood, teak stands out due to its unique natural moisture resistance – especially valued in tropical countries which experience rain and high humidity all year round.

Even without oil treatment, good teak furniture retains its high natural oils indefinitely, meaning that it can last indoors for more than 50 years. With care, teak furniture can be passed down to generations as family heirlooms, potentially adding to its already considerable value.

Outdoors, treated teak is weather-resistant and will remain in good use for decades, withstanding even attacks from termites and fungi.

  1. Teak’s aesthetics do not fade

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Before you even see it, you might recognise teak furniture from its scent. Enter a room filled with teak furniture and you’ll find its pleasantly distinctive leather-like smell lingering in the air.

While that alone can serve as a statement of luxury, the buttery golden colour of teak furniture adds to its elegant beauty. Extended use only seems to make teak furniture look better, as it gains darker hues and more polished surfaces over time

Outdoors, years of exposure to sunshine and rain may change its colours to darker browns or even grey, but even this does not spoil its attractive tones.

Despite the high premium of owning teak furniture, the purchase more than pays off for itself when considering its lifetime and low maintenance.

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