3 Basic Triathlon Gear Must-Haves You Should Splurge On


Competing in your first triathlon? It can be a bit daunting. If you’re a first timer, there might be a lot of questions in your head as to how to go about the entire process. However, how you perform during the triathlon itself won’t be the only thing that determines your success. All in all, how you prepare yourself with the right gear can either make or break your entire performance. If you want to bring home the gold, be sure to buy the right gear to help you perform at your peak. Splurge on these three triathlon must-haves to guarantee success on the trail.1

  1. Complete Bike gear – The biking phase of a triathlon takes place as the second event, sandwiched right between swimming and running. Many of those who have participated in triathlons before will tell you that the biking phase is actually the one that will give you a chance to breathe because it’s the least demanding of the three phases, but only if you have the right gear. Choosing the wrong bike and biking shorts could tire you out, losing you the chance to maximize what rest you could have gotten. Be sure to check all of your options and select biking gear that is specifically designed for triathlons. Aside from brick and mortars, you might want to check an online bicycle shop to learn more about your options.2
  2. Waterproof Sports Watch – Going through a triathlon without a watch is a lot like going through a foot-race without shoes. According to triathletes, your watch is an essential accessory that will help you pace your performance to maximize your effort. Without a watch, you might end up burning yourself out or spending way too much time trying to slow down the pace. What’s more, this will also help you gauge your performance in terms of heart rate, speed, and distance, so you can have something to compare with next time you join a triathlon.3
  3. Athletic Belt – An athletic belt isn’t for fashion if that’s what you thought. This essential triathlon accessory is where you will hook a lot of the stuff that you need throughout the race. Your water bottle, your goggles, and your sunglasses, all hooked to your belt for easy access and seamless use. If you thought you could just stuff your things in your pockets, it’s important to remember that your triathlon gear probably won’t have pocket provisions to make you more streamline and speedy on the course.

Be sure to prepare yourself as best as possible for your first triathlon to help you win the race. Even if you don’t – it’s alright, there’s always next time. Just make sure you practice, prepare, and splurge on the right triathlon gear.

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