3 Best Tips to Prepare for Yoga Class



Yoga has become a popular form of fitness, relaxation, and detoxification.  Practicing yoga helps in harmonizing the mind and body through various breathing techniques and postures.


There are a lot of different types of yoga available for everyone.  One of the more popular, and clearly different from most other yoga classes, is the Bikram yoga.


Bikram was developed by Bikram Choudhury about three decades ago.  Like most other types of yoga, it subjects the yogi to different poses during the session.  The only difference is that these poses, back bends, and breathing exercises are done in an artificially heated room.


If you are planning on joining a Bikram yoga class, here are some tips that can help you prepare your mind and body for this unique experience.


  1. Avoid heavy meals before your class.


You would want to stick to fruits, crackers, and water if you feel you really need to have something.  Rice, breads, and potatoes can make you feel sluggish and even promote gas.  You don’t need that kind of distraction when you are concentrating on finding your center.3101C-2_yoga_sports_clothing_for_women_top_trousers_pants_sport_clothes_wear_cheap_online_sportswear-600x600


  1. Wear light, minimal clothing.


Cotton shirts and gym pants might not be appropriate with this kind of yoga.  You will be sweating a lot than you normally do and the cotton in your clothes will absorb most of your perspiration.  The excess liquid will weigh you down.  Choose apparel made of dry-fit fabric or wear your trusty bathing suit to allow you to move freely in class.


  1. Avoid making too much noise.


You will find the need to grunt and sigh more often in a Bikram class.  Performing difficult yoga poses in a 38°C room is not going to be a walk in the park.  But making too much noise will not only distract the people around you, it will also deplete your oxygen supply faster.  So focus on your breathing until you have achieved a phase that is comfortable enough to help you keep your balance.


The objective is to get you to practice the usual routines to achieve balance and better flexibility while getting rid of toxins through sweating.  It would seem challenging at first but most yogis who tried it once found themselves coming back for more.



So go ahead, discover how Bikram yoga can help you achieve better balance, posture, and flexibility.







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