3 Easy Exercises You Can Do Every Day to Lose Weight 


If you are not into high intensity or fast-paced exercise, moderate workouts like swimming, Pilates, and Yoga can offer a low-intensity alternative, yet still, make a significant impact on your calorie burn count.1

  1. Swimming In general, water workout is ideal for people who are just starting to exercise regularly or back after an injury. Swimming has proven to be a great cardiovascular workout for people of all ages because it is non-load bearing with the water supporting our joints as we swim.

There is no harm in swimming for 30 minutes a day, as long as you always start with a proper warm-up. You can simply go to the nearest gym for a quick swim in the morning or relax your tense muscles after work with an evening swim at your apartment complex. The Breaststroke is the most common stroke which burns fewer calories – around 180 calories for a half hour, while the Butterfly is the highest intensity stroke – burns up to 450 calories in a half hour.  2

  1. Pilates The exercise is named after Joseph Pilates, a German-born who overcame his childhood weaknesses by practicing his own regime of exercises – focusing on the back, abdominal and hip muscles.

Although Pilates is not the most calorie-efficient workout, it would improve your flexibility, posture, joint mobility, and tone specific muscles, i.e. arms and stomach. In the end, it helps to increase self-esteem and reduce stress levels; two factors that have a direct impact on weight loss. Even if you have a busy schedule, you still can set aside an hour for simple Pilates exercises at home, which would burn around 240- 420 calories.

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

  1. Yoga For many years, celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have used Yoga exercises to lose weight and maintain their mind-body wellness. This regime has become so popular in Malaysia that we can find dedicated Yoga classes in regular gyms, i.e. Peak Fitness, CHi Fitness, or Fitology. Some even offer free entry in other countries, such as Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness. There are a wide range of Yoga exercises to lose weight – from Power Yoga to Bikram Hot Yoga. A typical one and a half hour session will burn between 330 and 550 calories.

Once you are committed to doing one regular exercise or more, always remember to combine them with a healthy balanced diet to optimize your weight loss.

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