3 Easy Tips on Buying Your First Mountain Bike



Cycling is definitely fun and very engaging sport. However, you need to invest on a quality bike in order to ensure long lasting fun and safety on the road. If you love cycling yet you don’t have your own bike, there are certain things that you need to consider before buying your first MTB in Malaysia. This article will help you choose the right bike for you.



What to Look for in Your First Bike


  1. Types of Bike. There are three kinds of bike for every cyclist out there – rigid, hardtail and full suspension. Rigid mountain bikes are those that don’t have suspensions. This is perfect for street or some off-road trail ride. The hardtail on the other hand, has suspension on the front fork. This is very ideal for challenging yourself a little bit by riding on a slightly rough trail. The full suspension has front and rear shock absorbers. This is very good for long rides, such as cross-country rides, and for very challenging terrains.


  1. Key Features. Frame materials, wheels, suspension, gearing and breaks: these are the things that you need to learn more on a bike before testing it out. These key features will have a huge impact on how you ride your bike on the road. Also, the wheel size will determine the distance that you can cover on a single hammer of the pedal.

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  1. Budget. How much are you willing to spend on your first mountain bike? If you want to gain more experience first, the best bike choices for a beginner like you are the cheaper ones. As you get better in cycling, you will upgrade your bike slowly and spend more money on it faster than you think.


When buying MTB in Malaysia, make sure that you ride one first in order to see if it fits your build. You also have to make sure that it properly supports your weight and you can easily maneuver it. Study its features so that you can easily pinpoint the problem once you encounter a problem while on the road. Look for cyclists who are selling their old unit to get cheap yet battle-tested mountain bikes. You can also wait for clearance sales in shopping malls. Sports shops are of course the best place to shop for bikes since shopkeepers know their products well. This will save you time and money searching for bikes that are normally sold with expensive price tags.

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