3 Fun Activities to Get Kids Active and Moving Indoors

The call to keep our kids healthy is at an all time high, especially now that more digital means of fun and play have taken over their interest. Gone are the days when children would gladly run around and explore, leaving them susceptible to childhood obesity now more than ever. Unfortunately, while a lot of parents do recognize the need to keep their kids physically active, the outdoors aren’t quite as safe as they used to be. However, going outside to play isn’t the only way for your kids to stay fit and active. Find out how to keep your children moving to maintain their health with these three fun activities that you can do indoors.


  1. Obstacle Course – For many specialists, obstacle courses are the ultimate fun activity for kids, because they stimulate the senses and activate lots of different parts of the brain and body. Putting together an obstacle course in your home can be loads of fun (even for you), and designs can be limitless. Be sure to guarantee safety by making use of cushions and play mats where kids might slip or fall. It also pays to incorporate some puzzles and riddles along the way to keep their minds working all throughout the course.mainimg_22
  2. Indoor Playgrounds – Up until the age of three, your kids will be mostly body-centered. That explains why a lot of kids prefer jumping, running, rolling, and every other possible bodily movement you can think of, over sitting down and performing table top activities. An indoor playground can be a great way to stimulate their bodies because at early ages, this is how they best learn. You can put together a small playground with jumping, swinging, and rolling in your home with what furniture you might have. But if you really want to go the extra mile, you can buy a pre-made indoor playground for your kids. Be sure to check all your options and consider all retailers.kids-racing-istock_46010548_large
  3. Mini Olympics – What better way to encourage your kids to engage in sports than with your own mini Olympics? Choose a bunch of safe and simple Olympic games that you can do in your home and arrange it like the actual games. Some examples of Olympic events you can adjust and alter for indoors include the disc throw using paper plates, relay with spoons or make-shift batons, or the long jump. Just be sure to move away some furniture to make room for safety. Provide prizes for winners and even assign someone to do commentary. This idea is great for older kids, giving them the chance to experience healthy competition and to learn sportsmanship at an early age.

Should you and your kids find the urge to go somewhere else but dont like to spend the outdoors, you can search for an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur online for some options.

Your kids don’t need to go outside to have some exercise. Staying indoors can be a great option if you exercise your imagination. Be sure to give your kids a happy and healthy childhood by putting together these three fun indoor activities for their benefit.



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