3 Important Things to Do After a Job Interview


“We will call you,” may as well be the four most discouraging words any job seeker would ever hear.  Although it does not mean that you did not get the job, waiting leaves you with a daunting spirit.  You drag yourself around until you get a closure from the employer which can only be one of two things: you got the job or you didn’t.Job opportunities

Jumping at every opportunity to try and find out how you fared in the interviewer’s evaluation might not always be the best thing to do.  On the other hand, giving up on your application without even trying to reach out to the human resource team might keep you from getting the job that you really like.  That too is not a healthy job-hunting practice.t1larg-job-interview

How you conduct yourself during and after the interview makes a lot of difference on how the employer would remember you as an applicant.  Most people focus too much on passing the interview with flying colors.  They overlook the importance of making good and professional impressions with the employer long after the interview is over.  Helping the employer remember you after the interview is as important as passing the interview.

So how do you keep the employer’s attention on your resume long after the interview is over?  Here are three things every job seeker should remember to do:

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  1. Pay attention to interviewer’s feedback after the interview.

The interviewer will most likely give you his evaluation of your qualifications and areas for improvement right after your dialogue.  Take note of both his positive and negative feedback.  Politely expound on areas that he may have misinterpreted from your answers to avoid confusion and uncertainties.on-call

  1. Follow-up in a timely manner.

Allow a week to pass before making a follow-up call to the employer.  Open the conversation by briefly introducing yourself, the position you applied for, and the date of your interview.  Do not end the call immediately should you learn that you did not make the cut.  Keep a cheerful and cordial tone of voice and request for updates on future job opportunities.  You are then able to keep an active line of communication with them and you can tap this in the future.steppsno6-make-yourself-visible

  1. Make yourself visible.

Maintain an active account in an online professional community.  This is a good venue to connect with the company you applied to and learn more about them.  You also have the option to email them any questions you may have about the position you wanted.  Take this as an opportunity to create a good impression with the company’s decision-makers.

Whether you are eyeing to fill human resource job vacancies in a multi-national firm or are seeking to work as a substitute teacher in a preschool, it is always a good decision to maintain your relationship with the employer even if you were not chosen for the position.  By leaving a professional and friendly impression with them, they remain interested in you and will remember you whenever they have available job opportunities.

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