3 Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

Image result for Botox treatmentsBotox treatments are becoming more in demand, not just for celebrities who have to keep up appearances. Ordinary people are turning to Botox because of its ability to smoothen fine lines, wrinkles, and make the face appear younger and smoother. It is relatively painless because it does not involve surgery. Botox is simply injected into target sites and the effects are seen almost immediately. The results are long-lasting too.

For people who are interested in Botox, here are three things you didn’t know:


  1. It Costs Cheaper in Malaysia

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Tourists undergo Botox in Malaysia because of lower costs. Malaysia has among the lowest Botox injection prices in the world; averaging USD4.90 – USD6.60 per unit. In Indonesia it’s at USD7 – USD9 per unit, and USD7 – USD12 per unit in Thailand.


  1. It Can Treat Treat Hyperhidrosis

Image result for HyperhidrosisApart from being an aesthetic treatment, Botox has medical applications. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is an embarrassing condition where people sweat uncontrollably. This is caused by overactive sweat glands and is said to affect 1% of the population. It is characterized by having sweaty hands, feet and underarms. People with this problem often hide themselves from the public eye because they are afraid of being ridiculed. Botox can be injected into specific sites to treat the problem.


  1. It is Used to Treat Bruxism

Image result for Treat BruxismBruxism, or teeth grinding does not only cause deformed or misaligned teeth. This condition also puts added pressure on them, and patients who suffer from Bruxism can lose their teeth in the end. Botox is injected into the facial muscles involved in biting and chewing food. This prevents patients from biting and grinding their teeth in their sleep.

Botox injections should be administered only by a doctor or a licensed aesthetics expert. While it does not have to be done inside a hospital, make sure that you go to a reputable cosmetic clinic for your Botox shots. There are unscrupulous individuals who try to sell fake or impure Botox injections at a cheaper price. So beware, transact only with professionals and reputable personnel.

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