3 Things You Have to Do Before Going on A Train Adventure in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of stunning natural beauty and local attractions. There are just so many things to see and do throughout the country and one great way of getting around is to take the trains. There are intercity trains going up north and down south along Peninsula Malaysia, for example, the Electric Train Services (ETS).

Taking the trains is an awesome way of travelling as you are able to experience various sights that you wouldn’t normally get to see if you were flying or using the highways. In order to ensure that your journey stays safe and fun, here are some main tips to follow:


Keep Your Luggage With You  When boarding the train, it is always advisable to keep your bags and luggage within sight, rather than at another part of the train. This way, you can monitor your belongings and ensure no one gets near them without you seeing. Don’t easily assume that any train ride is completely safe. This is not to say that all trains have thieves, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Do Your Homework  Always plan your trip beforehand by checking train schedules and buying tickets in advance. In Malaysia, you can buy intercity train tickets online without much fuss. You can also obtain information about train schedules, for example, you can check the ETS timetable online. This is important as you want to be on time and not miss your train, as well as keeping up with your own personal travel schedules.


Use Travel Time Productively  Pack along some activities to carry out while you’re on the train ride so that you don’t feel bored. Some things you can do include reading, writing in your journal, listening to an audio book, writing and replying emails and the like. If you are planning to take a nap on the train,be sure to pack a travel blanket  or some warm clothing like a jacket or shawl. You should also try and prepare activities for your kids if you are travelling with any, such as coloring books, sketching blocks or simple games. This is to ensure they don’t run up and down the isles and disturb other travelers.

There are many benefits to travelling by train, including being  more comfortable than buses and less costly than flying. Trains also hold something of a sentimental charm and travelling in them will remind you of simpler and more carefree times.

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