4 Best Hotel Spas in Bangkok for Tired Travelers



The best thing about Spas and Bangkok is that they’re very cheap. If you’re willing to spend a little more and avail the services of mid-tier or higher class spas, you’ll be pampered with a deluxe treatment. So, if you happen to find yourself here, it would be a great idea to find a spa hotel in Bangkok that could provide you a comfortable accommodation and a rejuvenating massage or spa.


Here are some of the best spa hotels in Bangkok:


Le Meriden Bangkok Hotel – This place is among the finest places in Silom district that offer a comfortable accommodation and relaxing spa services. Spa by Le Meriden Bangkok has a range of spa and wellness treatments that will surely revitalize your senses. Their most notable spa treatment is the Hot Stone Treatment which uses heated stones to provide a deeply relaxing treatment to the muscles.


Intercontinental Hotel Spa – This hotel spa is situated in the most convenient location in Bangkok. It has a very close proximity to two big malls in Bangkok – the BTS and Centralworld Shopping mall. What sets their spa stand out are the ingredients that they use in the treatment – they’re all natural and organic. It’s the little things that make a huge difference and that is what their spa has proven.


Mandarin Oriental’s Oriental Spa – Oriental Spa at Mandarin Oriental is one of the most celebrated spas in Bangkok. This spa is very notable because of its majestic location – it’s sitting on the opposite side of the hotel which is separated by a river. A river shuttle is needed in order to this spa, which is provided by the hotel. The spa is a preserved teak house across a river from the Mandarin Hotel, that alone is already one of a kind. Their spa treatment service is basically traditional Thai Spas and massages. The ambiance is also exotic yet luxurious, giving their customers a holistic kind of rejuvenation.


The Sukhothai Hotel’s Spa Botanica – A hotel couldn’t’ more tranquil than Sukhothai Hotel. This hotel is crowned as the oasis of absolute calm at the heart of Bangkok. The place is just peaceful, relaxing, and spiritually uplifting. The environment basically amplifies every massage and spa service that this place has to offer. The aromatherapy is the most outstanding service that Spa Botanica has to offer because the botanical products used in this treat and even in all of their treatments leave a far more relaxing scent than those that are non-organic.


The spa experience in Bangkok is definitely a must try, simply because they’re unique and they provide a relaxation experience that you can’t get elsewhere. So if you’re planning to head on to this city, better avail an accommodation in these establishments for an all in one experience. Also, there’s a lot of Bangkok Hotel promo that you could get from these hotel-spa establishments, which offers discounted rates an overnight stay and a rejuvenating spa treatment.



Bangkok is a place like no other when it comes to a relaxing spa and a heavenly massage experience. Asia does not fall short when it comes to options regarding this pampering treat, but Bangkok simply offers the best rejuvenation experience. A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without having a pampering session at one of their spas.

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