4 Proven Simple SMS Strategies To Gain Social Media Followers


These days, companies that don’t leverage their followers with digital marketing have a lot to lose. Gaining followers has never been easier now, with various different channels available to reach out to the target audience. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to gain more followers on social media is through one way SMS. These are the top four strategies when using SMS marketing:sentences

  1. Concise sentences and short link With so many things done online, be it reading the news, scrolling through people’s IG photos, or online shopping, most people are easily distracted with one thing over the other. When sending out SMS, businesses must grab the attention of their recipients fast. A sentence detailing the company or relevant info should be written concisely, with a short link to the company’s social media. Businesses should avoid fluff, and get straight to the point.science-quiz-contest-1-638
  2. Interactive quiz or contest This is one of the best ways to encourage engagement between customers and the brand. A weekly mini quiz or contest via SMS which rewards customers with prizes can be sent out. Businesses must be creative when coming up with a quiz or contest. The SMS should be concise, with a link to the company’s social media, for example: ‘Want to win XX? Answer our quiz or participate in the contest now!’ The program should be made fun and simple.previews
  3. Post or Tweet Another way to promote customer engagement with the brand is sending out SMSes containing a link that allows them to post or Tweet about their experience of using the brand’s product or service. Businesses can offer prizes to the best submissions. This can also increase customer interaction for the brand, and eventually turning them into loyal followers.A man holding a present for you isolated on white background
  4. Rewards for customers For viral SMS, businesses can include a URL or unique code to offer prizes for customers who refer their friends. This is one of the fastest ways to gain more followers, as referrals are a good indicator of trust and confidence towards the brand. Newcomers should be enticed with a promotion like a 10% discount or reward points. They can be rewarded again if they refer their friends, follow the company’s social media, or become a subscriber.

When sending out SMSes for social media promotion and company presence awareness, businesses must do so with caution by not sending too many SMSes in a week to avoid losing potential followers. All businesses should respect people’s privacy, as no one likes to be bombarded with unsolicited messages from unknown people or company.

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