4 Tips To Avoid Fake Luxury Watches Online

There are fake luxury watches that are sold online every day, but you cannot afford to be one of the many shoppers who is taken for a ride by a fake. Fake luxury watches look eerily similar to their real counterparts, but fake watches have telltale signs that indicate they are the genuine article. The four tips in this article will help you avoid spending your money on fake watches that have no real value. Each tip will help you avoid a fake watch, but the watches you look at must pass all four areas of inspection before you make a purchase.

#1: The Name

Fake watches do not use the same font as the watches you see from your favorite designers. The differences may be very subtle, but a fake watch does not carry the brand name the way a genuine watch would. You must look at each watch carefully to see that the brand name is printed correctly on the face, and you must avoid any watch that appears to use an improper font.


#2: Improper Bands

The band on a priceless watch from a designer collection will be of the same quality as the body of the watch itself. Improper bands are easy to spot, and they will not match the watch perfectly. You can see if the band on a genuine watch has been replaced with a fake, and you will note a fake watch the band and body material appear to be substandard.


A watch that appears to be genuine aside from the band may have been altered in other ways, and you are better off purchasing a different watch. You cannot be entirely sure that the watch is in new condition, and avoiding the watch altogether is a sound choice.


#3: Improper Metals 

The metalwork on a classic watch from a luxury brand is pristine in every way. You can see that the body of the watch was hammered by hand, and you can see the depth of color in the silver or gold. Classic watches stand up to scrutiny because they do not scratch or tarnish like cheap watches do, and a watch with odd tarnish spots cannot possibly be an original from your favorite designer.

#4: No Paperwork 

The finest luxury watch brands in the world supply paperwork to accompany each watch they produce. The paperwork shows the name of the watch, its year of production, who completed the watch and the mechanisms used to create the watch. A watch that does not have proper paperwork cannot be sold as genuine. The seller may insist that the watch is an original, but you cannot be sure unless you see the paperwork that is supposed to accompany the watch.


#5: Visit A Seller 

You may not feel completely confident about a watch you are looking at, and you may as a certified seller about the watch. Certified sellers can spot fakes just by looking at a picture, and the seller can give you clues that will help you identify the watch properly. You may not be aware of the provenance of the watch, but a seller can point you in the right direction when you are confused.


Your search for a luxury watch brand will send you to many outposts on the Internet, and some stores do not sell genuine watches to their customers. You must use the four steps in this article to identify watches that are not genuine, and you may ask a seller for assistance when you get stuck. Your investment in a luxury watch is no good to you if you buy a fake. Buy original luxury watches in Malaysia here.


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