4 Ways To Find A Job In Penang That Works For You

Getting yourself into the workforce may not be the most difficult thing to do but the more complex issue is to find a job that ticks all the right boxes for you.

One can’t argue that there are plenty of jobs in Penang, even in the current economic climate. This is apparent when looking at the local classifieds or job agencies online. Thousands of vacancies are available, but most people will believe that it isn’t easy to find a job that has the right benefits and the right salary.

Here are some things you can try doing to help land you the ideal job in Penang.


  • Use Your Cover Letter To Tell Your Story

These days, we tailor our CVs or resumes to highlight skills and expertise, hoping that the right mix of key words can attract recruiters or bring us to the top of the pile. This is especially true in the era of automated programs that many Penang HR practitioners use to sift through thousands of applicants.

But you still have the option of the cover letter to tell your unique story – what you’re good at, what you’ve achieved and what you’re looking for. You never know, your passion for a particular role or your achievement in a previous job might catch the eye of the hiring manager.


  • Try To Fill A Need In The State

Pay attention to the local news. Recent months have seen major electronic companies announcing potential job cuts in the manufacturing sector as they move out from Penang.

At the same time, the current freeze on new foreign workers has created a shortage of manpower on the island, especially in the retail and service industry, as was apparent when illegals were raided in Penang malls.

In short, find a demand for your talents and you have a higher likelihood of securing employment that not only matches your interest but also fulfills a need. Not only will you be in a better position to negotiate for benefits but you will also be more likely to find your work to be more fulfilling.


  • Don’t Make Salary Your Deciding Factor

If you want to spend your adult life enjoying your career or you want to love what you do for a living, then financial reward should only be a secondary drive – unless of course, making money is your passion!

Furthermore, if you do well at your job, most bosses will take notice and promote you or reward you. As a result, you’ll either earn more or take on bigger roles.

It’s also important to see the value of non-financial benefits. Your salary may not be high, but if you get perks such as housing or transport allowance and good health coverage, then you’ve saved money especially with rising cost of living in Penang.


  • Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Finally, be kind to yourself! Don’t limit your job hunt to senior positions or recognised companies. Give all jobs with similar roles or opportunities the same effort. There’s a lot of promise in smaller companies and homegrown start-ups in Penang.

Remember, every success story started from humble beginnings. So don’t burden yourself with unnecessary pressure to find the perfect job. Just get the job that suits what you are now and what you want to be in the future.

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