5 Best Areas To Live In KL If You Don’t Have A Car

Your individual needs would usually determine the best places to live in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere for that matter. If you don’t own a vehicle, your needs would be an easy access to public transportation in order to get around, be it the train, taxi, or bus. If you plan to live in KL, consider these five best areas to live if you have no car:


  1. Bangsar – The small town is close to Damansara and is a stone’s throw away from KL Sentral. Due to the town’s perfect location and great facilities, it is usually one of the favorite spots for expats to live. If you live in Bangsar, you can either walk to KL Sentral (which takes about a few minutes) or grab a taxi to drop you off. There are at least three main spots in Bangsar where you can take a taxi: at the Petronas gas station, Bangsar Village, or Bangsar Shopping Center.brickfields-colorful_566x424_fillbg_a176388ae4
  2. Brickfields – Also known as Little India due to the high Indian population, Brickfields is considered one of the tourists’ must-visit spots in KL for its many historical landmarks and backpacker’s lodging (the YMCA). It’s one of the oldest residential neighborhoods and is close to KL Sentral which you can walk to. The area is also covered by the Rapid KL buses which also stops by KL Sentral.metd_az_2401_pg10_ytbaru_market
  3. Kampung Baru – One of the oldest settlements in KL, Kampung Baru still maintains the old ways of living with modern technology. The area is unique due to its traditional Malay houses which are hard to find anywhere else in KL. There’s the Kampung Baru LRT station in the area which is part of Rapid KL’s Kelana Jaya line.9seputeh_aerial-view_15may15
  4. Seputeh – Seputeh is a small residential area near the Midvalley Megamall. It may not be as overly populated but the area could be congested during peak hours due to its location. The nearest public transportation is the KTM Komuter, the Midvalley Station. Check the timetable for the KTM Komuter if you decide to take the train as the schedule might change. The KTM line has the widest access to areas in and out of KL.ampang
  5. Ampang – Ampang may be slightly congested, but it’s pretty close to the city centre. The town is a favorite among foodies and is famous for its yong tau foo. There’s an Ampang line of the LRT station located in Jalan Ampang.

If you live in KL, bear in mind that your cost of living will be even higher compared to other areas outside of KL. That said, finding a transport will not be a problem since there’ll be one in every corner.

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