5 Best Theme Parks in Malaysia for Family Fun

When you visit Malaysia with your family, your trip will not be complete if you don’t go to at least one theme park. Malaysia not only has hundreds of beautiful beaches and cultural spots, but it also has several theme parks. Which one should you visit to get the most out of your vacation? Here are the best theme parks that you can choose from:


  1. Angry Birds Park in Johor Baru Who doesn’t recognize the colourful birds whose quest is to defeat the green pigs who stole their eggs? Angry Birds Activity Park has activities for both kids and adults, so the entire family can have fun. Don’t forget to watch the Angry Birds’ show, which is staged all throughout the day.


  1. Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur One of the longest running theme parks in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon has been around since 1993. Although it’s been around for long, it boasts of up-to-date rides and attractions. The Lagoon is a water park which has more than 80 attractions, one of which is an 8-foot man-made surf beach.


  1. Genting Highlands Theme Park (or Resorts World Genting) in Central Peninsular Both a resort and a theme park, Genting Highlands features the first ever indoor amusement park in the world. But the outdoor park is not to be dismissed; aside from the thrilling rides, other rides allow you to view the landscape in all its glory. You can also enjoy the snowy wonderland named Snow World, and play hundreds of arcades in the Video Games Park.


  1. Kidzania Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur If you are looking for a theme park that not only provides amusement but also education, then Kidzania Theme Park in Malaysia is your number one choice. You’ve probably heard of Kidzania as the leader in what they call “edutainment” – education merged with entertainment. This theme park is different from other amusement parks which feature rides and arcades; here the main activity is role-playing various professions like being a chef, a nurse, a surgeon, a policeman and much more. Kids not only develop skills; they gain more self-esteem and confidence. If you want to try something different and fun for your kids, Kidzania Theme Park in Malaysia is worth checking out.


  1. Lost World Tambun in Ipoh The Lost World Tambun is an exquisite place to visit. It is located in the valley of Ipoh, surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs which will definitely amaze. Aside from having Asia’s longest adventure river, the amusement park rides, the medicinal hot springs all over the place and the wonderful Lost World Hotel, this park also has a zoo where kids can spot animals big and small.


Get the most out of your vacation with these theme parks that not only your kids, but also you and other adults will enjoy.

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