5 Best Tips on Organizing Educational Field Trips for Kids

The words “field trip” bring a lot of excitement to school kids, and a lot of anxiety to the teachers organizing the trip. Educational field trips are important due to the hands-on learning they provide. However, to most people, pulling a trip together is a daunting task.

Without the required planning and preparation, organizing an educational field trip can be a stressful and tiring experience. Fear not if you have been tasked with organizing a trip, as there are numerous tips to guide you through organizing one successfully.


The following are the five best tips on organizing educational field trips for kids:

  1. Visit the site Kids’ field trips revolve around getting out of the school environment and having fun in a different environment. When planning, visit the site beforehand to determine whether it has amenities that will suit the kids.
  2. Check with the school administration Follow the procedures of your school administration for approval, coordination of food and bus services, as well as completion of permission slips paperwork. Before you mention the trip to kids, ensure the administration has approved and signed off on them.kidzania-malaysia
  3. Develop an activity schedule and prepare the kids for the trip Come up with the learning objectives the kids should complete, where and when to eat lunch, and also when and where to meet. Ensure that the kids have copies of the schedule, and give them to the chaperons before leaving for the trip. Ensure the kids are aware of what they should bring, what they should not, and how they should dress.
  4. Choose reliable chaperons Since you will not be able to single handedly monitor everything that will happen during the trip, ensure that you pick reliable chaperons. Start looking for them two to three weeks prior to the trip, by sending letters to parents of the kids. Talk to any parent that volunteers and have them save the date.
  5. Set field trip rules and be prepared for anything Before the trip, prepare some field trip rules for the kids to follow and have the kids sign onto this as a behavior contract. You can assign groups of kids to different chaperons for easier management. Have a first aid kid on stand by at all times in case of a kid suffers a fall or sudden sickness.


With these tips at your fingertips and the right attitude, you are in a position to organize a field trip with fun learning activities for kids. This gives the kids a unique way of exploring new environments while relating the experience gained on the field to their classroom lessons.

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