5 Budget-Friendly Townships To Visit in Malaysia


Widely known by locals as KL, Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city and a cultural melting point. The city is cherished by many for its astonishing skyscrapers and buzzing scenes of dining, shopping and nightlife. On the other hand, there are other important townships outside of KL city that are worth a visit. They are loved by many for their budget-friendly accommodations, stunning attractions, and premier shopping experience. Here are some of the best townships outside of KL city people should visit.


Petaling Jaya Township

Commonly known as PJ by locals, this sweeping township was specifically developed as a satellite township centre for KL. In fact, PJ is among one of Malaysia’s very first established town. It consists of numerous commercial, business districts and residential areas.  Its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes it a popular destination amongst many locals and visitors worldwide. The township is a value for money with an abundance of shopping, accommodation and dining areas.


Subang Jaya Township

Offering a convenient one-stop destination for dining, shopping and leisure, Subang Jaya boasts being the home for ardent shoppers. The township has slowly transitioned from a humble suburban city to a beautiful, state-of-the-art mega city. If leisure is your thing, this township is perfect for laidback weekends.


Shah Alam Township

This township boasts being a home to the world’s only agro-forestry park—its strategic planning tells it all. Long series of cultural attractions and enchanting hotels, bring out the appeal and immense beauty of Shah Alam. Residential areas are established within its vicinity.


Malacca Township

Malacca, compared with other townships, is small though friendly and immersed with vivid sights and state-of-the-art establishments. The township is easy to navigate to make yourself familiar with the many places that make this township unique. As you roam around, you’ll be thrilled with the township’s sweeping rich heritage, idyllic landscape and cultural lifestyle.


Kota Damansara Township

Kota Damansara township is found in the heart of Sungai Buloh sub-district and sandwiched between Petaling Jaya and Subang. It was formerly a forest reserve and slowly grew to become among the most urban and most visited township in Malaysia. To find an affordable hotel in Kota Damansara with decent accommodation and superb leisure amenities is easy. You will find them stretched around the township, and you can enjoy their stay anytime.


Kuala Lumpur may be widely known for its long series of attractions. But even outside this sweeping city, both locals and visitors can find important townships that can draw their interest. Some of the biggest attractions around the world are found in the heart of these townships. They have excellent dining, convenient shopping centres and decent accommodation, which anyone can enjoy their stay anytime. Use this guide to find the best townships to visit outside of KL city.

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