5 Carpet Cleaning Tips by Commercial Cleaners

Carpets are used to cover floors in dwelling places, and this makes it a little bit comfy, makes the feet feel some warmth and soft when touched. Before the cleaning machines were introduced, people cleaned using brooms but with the discovery of this carpet cleaner, people can now get rid of dirt quickly and more thoroughly with minimal efforts. At the same time as the companies, homeowners, hotels, and corporation hired individuals to do the cleaning, commercial carpet cleaner was introduced. Below are some of the commercial cleaning tips used.

Rake the carpet

When cleaning the carpet, the first thing is to try to gather the dirt debris it ahead of using any cleaning vacuums in it. As a result of using a rake, you can loosen up the hoarded dirt like pet hairs. Raking is confirmed to be a useful aid to vacuuming since you can heap up large particles of dirt before you vacuum the tinier ones.

Carpet steam cleaning

Currently, the commonly used method is carpet steam cleaning. It entails setting of a steam cleaning machine that uses vacuum cleaning detergent. It seems to be a big vacuum cleaner; however its technology is somehow different. It releases washing detergent deep into the surface of the carpet. But one of its demerits is that it leaves some moisture in the carpet. This kind of technique is suitable for offices and areas with taut spaces. The carpet must be allowed to dry some few days after the process.

Carpet shampoo cleaning

floor buffer

Once again a cleaning machine is needed in this method; however, the cleaner used in this process is known as floor buffer or rotary floor machine. For you to succeed in using this tool, blend carpet shampoo as directed by manufacture’s manual. You can as well do a pre-treatment using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any soil particles, as this will make the machines clean quickly. Bear in mind that the machine has to be moved in a circular movement, the moment the shampoo gets out and back-and-forth, you go on to the next region. This method is useful when it comes to heavily polluted areas such as traffic pathway or building entries.

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is mostly a process where you are preparing your carpets to be cleaned. The spot cleaning entails a handful quantity of various chemical cleaners on your palm. It is necessary for every professional to have rust, gum and also all- purpose removers. Given that you do not have an idea what kind of pollution you are going to deal with it is vital to have them with you. As a result, it is good to prepare, particularly if you are claiming to offer best cleaning services.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method is related to the shampoo cleaning, and it uses the same machine. However, it just needs some various set of attachments and equipment. The dry carpet washing is mostly useful when it comes to fast and complete cleaning of every business area. It is mainly used in a place full of activity and by restaurants since they require quick and efficient washing to continue with their activities. The real process entails an accessory known as bonnet pad. It resembles a flat and round swab, and it does the washing. A washing detergent is also applied, and it is poured into the washing machine. On the other hand, a pre-treatment must be carried out to maximize the cleaning results.

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