5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Without Makeup


Having dark circles can be frustrating and lowers your self-esteem as they make you look sickly and unwell. While makeup does the trick of concealing them, it does not get rid of them completely. Instead of relying on makeup to cover your dark circles every time you go out, try these five easy and affordable ways to get rid of them:freeze-a-spoon-for-the-morning

  1. Freeze a spoon and use it in the morning This is one of the oldest tricks in the beauty book. Get two metal spoons and dip them in water before freezing them at night – you can do this before going to bed. Before you get ready in the morning, place the back side of the spoons against your eyes for about five to ten minutes. The cold helps in reducing the puffiness around your eyes and relaxing the skin, which reduces the appearance of dark circles.woman lying with tea bags on her eyes
  2. Use cool tea bags and other home remedies Instead of throwing away tea bags after you made a cup of tea, use them to treat your dark circles by leaving them in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Next, lie down and place the tea bags over or under your eyes for 15 minutes. This helps to reduce discolouration, swelling and relieve the skin around the eyes. If you choose to apply this method into your beauty routine, be sure to use new tea bags every time. Don’t use the same tea bags over and over again.4_olay-regenerist-eye-touch-of-concealer-eye-regenerating-cream
  3. Try a dark circle eye cream For a much faster result, try a dark circle eye cream, or otherwise known as a retinoid cream. These creams are great for the delicate skin around your eyes, and they help to reduce fine lines, boost collagen, and even out discolouration without overly penetrating the thin layers of your skin around the eyes. If you use it on a regular basis, you can see your skin becoming smoother and brighter.10-best-tips-for-eye-care
  4. Stop rubbing your eyes Constantly rubbing your eyes will not only damage your sights, the frictions could also leave lasting dark marks under the eyes. This is because friction makes skin pigmentation grow darker, and the more you rub your eyes, the darker the skin around your eyes will be. Not only that, it will also make your eyes look puffy and tired.11376047043_daee5a2bfc
  5. Change your diet If your dark circles are too visible it makes you look like a panda, it is time to do some drastic changes to your diet and your overall lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and salty foods as they cause extreme bloat. By not consuming these, your skin will have the chance to rest and rejuvenate, which means you avoid getting yourself puffy eyes. Also, you will have a healthier and lighter-feeling body once you take alcohol and salty foods off of your diet.

One of these methods may work better than the others depending on individuals. The recommended methods may not work immediately, but if you do them consistently and turn each into a habit, you will see a positive change. In addition, remember to have a good night sleep and rest well. If nothing changes after some time and the dark circles persist, consider talking to a doctor to make sure that your dark circles are not signs of a more serious health issue.

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