5 Essential Security Measures to Avoid Falling Victim to A Credit Card Scam or Theft

Credit cards chained up with padlock

It is better to be safe than sorry.  With the times changing and the technology improving, everything becomes easier for everyone, including stealing. Nowadays, all sorts of things get stolen for money: pricey gadgets, wallets, jewelry, and credit cards. Recently, there has been a rise in credit card theft and scams all over the world, including Malaysia. One should always be careful to prevent such things from happening. As it is advisable to always check for genuine Malaysia credit card promotions, it is also important to further protect yourself from harm’s way. Here are five of the most crucial things to remember to save yourself from card trouble.


  1. Keep Your Cards in a Safe Place

Just like how you keep your phone and your wallet near you, it is of utmost importance that you keep your cards in a place where it is least likely to get stolen. It is also recommended to separate your cards from your cash wallet. This way if your wallet gets stolen, you’ll still have your cards and won’t be as troubled.


  1. Check the Machine

The first advice from almost all card companies is to check the machine as a safety measure. There are technologies available today that can get your card information with just a swipe and a microchip. It is thus just right that you check the machine for any irregularities before using it. If so, report it immediately to the company so they can handle the situation.


  1. Make Stronger Passwords

Your password is the most valuable piece of information in your account. Give anyone access to it, and you are giving them permission to take your hard earned money and spend it somewhere. Eliminate the chances of being a victim by creating a password that is not available to everyone’s knowledge aside from yourself.


  1. Review Statements and Billings Carefully

Check your bill every month for any irregularities and anomalies. Take note of your spending and examine every purchase made with the card. If anything looks unusual about your card usage, or if simply you have some questions, never hesitate to call your company and ask.


  1. Report Stolen Cards Immediately

If after everything your card(s) still get stolen, report it immediately to your company and the authorities. This way you can deal with the problem as soon as possible and will know what to do as advised by the specialists.


Here are five things to do to protect yourself from credit card scams and theft. Be sure also to examine the card policies of the company you’re applying for, and always check for genuine Malaysia credit card promotions. 

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