5 Family-Friendly Ideas For A Quality Time With Your Kids On Valentine’s Day

Some people think that Valentine’s Day is way too commercialized, and that’s why many parents would rather eat dinner at home than book on fancy restaurants. To many Malaysian parents, time spent with their children is enough to celebrate the occasion. If you are one of those parents who would rather spend quality time with their family than go out on a date night or anything more lavish on Valentine’s Day, you could get low-cost, fun ideas from this post.


  • Go to a theme park in Malaysia.

Unleash your inner child by taking the family to a theme park. It is an unconventional way to spend V-Day that the kids will surely enjoy. Take the adventure to greater heights with bungee jumping or go extreme with a roller coaster ride. Just remember to start the day early and plan things well, so you and your kids can get the most out of your day trip.


  • Visit an animal sanctuary.

If you cannot go to a theme park in Malaysia, watch the animals up close and enjoy various activities offered by the zoos on V-day. There are zoos that offer loyalty cards so you can get discounts on your visit.


  • Do some arts and crafts.

Introduce art to your kids by touring them to a painting gallery or a photo exhibition. You and your kids could even get those portraits as your souvenirs. Or why not try some pottery classes? This is a chance to learn a new skill.


  • Go on a nature trail.

Get close to nature by visiting botanical gardens, where the kids can learn more about ecology. Besides, it is an escape for you and your spouse. With too many things to do as parents, a place closer to nature will be a great way to spend the day of hearts. Visit a butterfly bank or let the entire family discover the exotic flora and fauna in various nature parks in Malaysia.

Father and children lying on the floor at home and looking into a portable computer

  • Learn something new together.

Enroll in cooking class or join coffee workshops. Kids tend to learn more when they are having fun. You can also apply those new skills at home to make V-day extra special.

Although Valentine’s day is not a public holiday for many Malaysians, it still calls for celebration to some. Romance is universal and it should not be limited to couples. It could be an opportunity for the family to learn new skills or do something fun together.

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