5 Questions to Ask Before Shifting Careers


A major life decision which most people are afraid of is changing career paths. However, if you are one of those who has enough courage to ask ‘should I quit my job and make that change now,’ here are a few more questions to go over.

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  1. What rewards will my new career give? What is it with the new career that excites you? Is it because it makes better use of your talents and skills? List down the things you think you might earn if you do shift professions. It might be financial returns or even better an emotional gain. What ever it might be, make sure that what you will earn in your new career will weigh more than the rewards you reap from your current job.shutterstock_187187867-1940x1940
  2. What do I know about the industry? You might have little knowledge of it. With the internet, it is easy to research and know more about the industry that you wish to get into. You can look for articles online, watch YouTube Videos, and comment on forums. Do not be afraid to try out things and learn new skills for you to get better and build a great resume.support-advice-720x315
  3. Who do I know that can give me honest advice? If you know someone working in the field, approach them and ask them about the trials that they had to overcome to get to where they are now. Ask them for their perspective on what are the pros and cons of working in their chosen career. Request for a chance to be their intern even just for a day or two. Their advice and insider insight might prove invaluable. For example, if you have experience working in ports but simply want to change industries, he or she might share that job vacancy in Klang that needs someone of your background.2f7e7bcc0f05ce07c27477a1ba04fe30baf208010d066639971d2c989de27283_large
  4. Do I see myself in this career in the long run? If you do shift careers, how long do you see yourself doing the job? If you are still unsure, then why would you want to choose that occupation? Would you want to treat this as a full-time work or a part-time work? If it is the former, you should see yourself growing into the industry with long term opportunities opening up. Be prepared to start at the bottom as you are just beginning your career in a brand new industry.

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    Support key on computer keyboard. Very selective focus on part of the key.
  5. Will I have enough support if I do change careers? Before you do take that career shift, you have to check on your financial and emotional readiness. As you will be starting from the bottom, you may not have the luxuries that you may have afforded yourself. The support that you will get from your family and friends tells you of their belief in your talents.

Your success is all up to you. Remember that devotion for your work coupled with hard work will give you prosperity in your chosen field.

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