5 Quick Tips about Gift Cards for Online Gaming


If you have an online gaming enthusiast in your life, then a gift card can be the perfect present. Platform-specific gaming currency eliminates the hassle for you and lets the gamer play what they want, when they want. With that in mind, here are five quick tips you should know before buying:

1. The Gamer Doesn’t Need a Credit Card 

The great thing about game currency is that the gamer only needs a valid account on the platform in question. AniTunes card or other gift card is independent of a credit card, Web wallet or other payment method. This makes them a convenient option for everyone but a particularly perfect method for young gamers and adults who prefer not to use their credit cards online. Don’t worry if the total purchase exceeds the card amount since the gaming platforms give gamers options to cover the difference.


2. Subscription Cards Differ from Gift Cards 

The two biggest online gaming services are Xbox Live, which is for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles, and the PlayStation network, which is for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony sells subscription cards, such as an Xbox Live Gold card, in addition to gift cards, but they aren’t the same. Subscription cards give a gamer access to the service not money to buy games or other downloadable content.

3. Platform Matters 

Platform currencies are generally not interchangeable, which means you’ll need to determine what platform the gamer prefers. If a gamer does most of his or her gaming on PC, then a Steam or Windows 10 Store gift card are probably in order. On the other hand, if the person is a mobile gamer and mostly uses a Samsung Galaxy, then a free Google Play gift card is likely the better fit.


4. Gift Cards Are Available Below Face Value 

Retailers often sell gaming gift cards at less than face value. Ten-percent discounts are not uncommon, and discounts can be as high as 25 percent if you’re buying enough. Xbox Live Gold card often sell at 50 percent below MSRP, and Google often runs free Google Play gift card promotions. The best way to save is to buy in advance, whenever you see a sale, because these types of cards don’t expire.

5. iTunes Is for More than Just Music 

If the gamer in your life has an iPhone and an iPad and is really involved in the Apple ecosystem, then you’ll want an iTunes card. There’s confusion for some because people often associate iTunes with music rather than games or movies, but the store has it all. There are Apple gift cards as well. Some are for the Apple store that sells hardware and some work fine in the app store, but if you make sure it has iTunes on the face of the card, you’ll be good to go.

Gift Cards for Online Gaming Enthusiasts 

Gift cards eliminate hassle for you and the person receiving the gift. They’re also available at a discount, which means that you can save money or give the gamer a bigger gift than would otherwise be possible.


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