5 Reasons Why Wearing Less Makeup Is Better For Your Skin

While makeup and beauty products come with its own benefits, such as enhancing a woman’s beauty, concealing her imperfections and giving her a boost in confidence, wearing too much makeup (or too often) can further damage your skin.

The bottom line is you should always aim to wear a minimal amount of makeup, and restrict to wearing it only when it’s necessary (i.e. at a business function or work). If you’re not convinced about going out with less makeup, these are five good reasons why wearing less makeup is better for your skin:


  1. You reduce your chances of getting acne

Makeup can cause acne due to certain types of oils used in cosmetics. ‘Acne cosmetica’ is a term that describes acne caused by cosmetics, which leaves you with reddened bumps and blocked pores on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Cream or thick liquid products may cause acne cosmetica since they tend to clog your pores compared to powder-type products.


  1. You avoid allergic reactions

Makeup can give you two types of allergic reactions: allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. The former gives you blisters, itching and swelling skin while the latter gives you a burning or itching sensation. These allergic reactions are usually caused by preservatives contained in makeup.


  1. You won’t block your pores

Makeup will block your pores, causing acne, enlarged pores and overall make your skin appear dull and dry. To make matters worse, waste products aren’t secreted from your skin, and your skin won’t be able to absorb moisture in the required amount since the pH balance is disturbed, leading to outbreaks of pimples and blackheads. With blocked pores, your skin is also susceptible to inflammation as bacteria find their way.


  1. You reduce ageing effect

Your skin needs to breathe, and makeup will prevent your skin from getting the right oxygen that it needs. The more makeup you wear, the less oxygen your skin will get, leaving you with aged, wrinkled looking skin. Wearing less makeup will reduce the ageing effect on your skin.


  1. You reduce your chances of getting enlarged pores

Aside from causing acne, makeup has the ability to clog oil glands which in turn enlarges your pores. Visible enlarged pores are not a pretty sight to behold on anyone’s face, particularly as you age. As you age, your collagen levels also decrease, leaving you with more enlarged pores that are hard to get rid of.


If you’re left feeling incomplete and ‘naked’ by the thought of going out with less makeup, try a BB cream. A BB cream is short for beauty balm, beblesh balm, blemish base, or blemish balm and is widely sold at beauty stores and pharmacies.

Because BB creams are ‘all-in-one’ – meaning they function as a sunblock, foundation, primer, moisturizer, and a serum replacement – the beauty product helps you to save money and time to apply.

Depending on the brand, hues, formulations and ingredients, the price for a BB cream range from RM50 to RM200, and the most popular ones are the ones produced by Korean beauty companies.

To keep your skin stay healthy and glowing, avoid sleeping with makeup on, and wash your face thoroughly every time you wear makeup. If you can, try to use makeup products that are labeled nonacnegenic (won’t cause acne), noncomedogenic (won’t block pores), and hypoallergenic (less likely to cause allergies).

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