5 Things to Do Before Bed for Instantly Better Sleep

Women need to sleep well at night to be able to function at a superior level whether it be for work, family or just good health. Insomnia can cause serious problems in the daily life of all individuals from anxiety to depression. People can instantly sleep better by making a few adjustments to existing habits.
You may have found the insomnia cures that work for you. Still, you need to inculcate healthy daily habits to help you improve the quality of your sleep, general mood and overall health.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid Stimulants

Many people enjoy a drink to help them relax at night, however it is important to note that alcohol prevents a truly beneficial night’s sleep. The same is true for consuming nicotine and coffee at night as they are stimulants that will keep people awake. Caffeine can stay in a system for up to seven hours. Be sure to stop drinking caffeine early enough in the day to prepare for a good sleep.


Be Active

Be Active

Try to do some cardio activity at least once a day. The less activity performed throughout the day, the less tired the body will become. Even if someone is unable to do a rigorous activity one day, be sure to at least go for a short walk and do something active. Avoid exercising before bed as exercise will often keep people awake for several hours before they are able to sleep.



Certain medications and over-the-counter drugs can disrupt sleeping habits. Be particularly mindful of decongestants and weight loss medications as they are known to contain higher levels of caffeine. Some prescription medications that disrupt sleeping could include medications for blood pressure, the heart, allergies and depression. People taking these medications and having difficulty sleeping should speak with a doctor.


fridge with food
Avoid eating before 2 hours of sleep


Nighttime Eating

Eat larger meals at least two hours before a planned sleep time. Most experts agree that a light snack before bedtime will likely not interfere with sleep, however a large meal will prevent a person from sleeping well. If too much food is consumed too close to bedtime, a person will feel full and uncomfortable as they go to bed and they will be unable to sleep. Also, people who are affected by spicy foods with heartburn or indigestion should avoid these foods before bed.



Try to go to sleep and to wake up at the same day everyday. It is also recommended that this schedule is maintained during the weekends. Create a relaxing environment within the bedroom and remove any distractions such as electronics and televisions. Keep out light with heavy curtains and do relaxing activities prior to bed such as to read a book. Read an actual book rather than using an electronic reading device as these bright lights prevent relaxation.

For those people who are not getting enough sleep, this could be causing more serious issues than one realizes by slower reaction times for those who drive, risk of heart attack, forgetfulness and skin aging more rapidly. These possible issues are easily preventable by creating better sleeping habits with these tips.


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