5 Tips on Finding Hotels in Kota Bharu



Kota Bharu, usually called Kota Baharu, is a bustling city in Malaysia that is the state capital of Kelantan. In Malay, the name Kota Bharu means ‘new city’. Kota Bahru is located in the northeast part of Peninsular Malaysia and is situated close to the mouth of Kelantan River. This city is also home to various mosques and museums. The old and unique architecture of royal palaces can be visited in the town centre. This northeastern city is near the border of Thailand. However, your visit to this magnificent city won’t be complete unless you get a hotel in Kota Bharu.


How to Get a Budget-Friendly Hotel in KB?


There are different ways to get an affordable place to stay in Kota Bharu. Here are some methods to make sure that you stay in budget while travelling in Kota Bharu:

  1. whatplanPlan ahead. If you are going to Kota Bharu, Malaysia, always book your flight three to four months ahead of your planned vacation. This way, you are going to prevent booking during holidays when tourists and locals alike flock the whole city.


  1. Search online. There are millions of websites dedicated to hotels. You can use your time on the internet searching for the best hotels in Kota Bharu that will serve as your second home during your vacation.social-media-essentials-training-course-trash-media-bournemouth-ferndown-poole-dorset-southampton-BOOK-NOW


  1. Book a package. Spending your hard-earned money for different services during your trip is surely a not a good idea. Booking a package is a great money-saving trick especially if you want to appreciate your stay in Kota Bharu. There are promos that include a reasonable hotel, free meals, and discounts for services given by the hotel such as travel and tours, spa, and massage. If you are going to Kota Bharu with your friends, booking one room or two for all of you and then just getting extra beds can definitely save your budget.Special_Offers2


  1. Look for special offers. During holidays, hotels and other accommodation prices increase considerably. This is the reason why most tourists don’t book hotel accommodation a week before the holidays. Aside from booking early, search for special offers. Look for hotels that give special discounts to couples who are celebrating their anniversary, or hotels that offer group deals if you’re going with friends.


  1. Book near tourist destinations. Booking your accommodation near a particular tourist attraction is indeed very strategic. This way, you can easily get to your destination without being hassled. If you like shopping, there are hotels near KB mall that will give you the opportunity to shop early without competing with other avid shoppers.


Searching for an affordable but comfortable place to stay is easy to do as long as you know exactly what you are doing. If you need help, you can always read blog posts written by other travelers who have had recent experience booking accommodation in a hotel near KB mall and other hotels in Kota Bharu. This way, you will have an idea about the kind of services and facilities provided by that particular hotel. If you are not satisfied with what you have read, do not book a hotel just because it is cheap. It is still highly important to have a good hotel experience than to save money staying in horrible place.

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