5 Tips to Know Before Having a Threadlift


As we age, most areas on our face begin to sag. Even young adults may experience the same due to several factors such as smoking, stress, lack of nutrients, and disease. Normally, this problem is fixed by face lift through surgical operation. However, some people are not willing to undergo a painful operation that takes long for them to recover.


Alternative to Face lift


Threadlift is the alternative solution for it. It is a type of facial rejuvenation performed without the need of surgical operation. Its purpose is to lift or elevate the sagging portion of a face such as cheeks, jaws, or nose. It is a gentle procedure that promotes short recovery as compared with surgical procedure. This type of procedure is not only common for sagging cheeks and brows, but there is also thead lift for nose which can be performed similarly.




l More affordable than the traditional face lift


l Only the affected portion is treated


l Short recovery after procedure




l Result may vary depending on patient’s condition


l Allergies or adverse reaction for some people


l Some claim that the result is not long and lasting


Here are 5 tips you should know before considering this procedure:

budget (1)

  1. Know Your Budget.


It is important to know the pricing of a certain procedure and check whether you can afford it. Even if you have enough money to spend for an expensive face lift procedure, don’t forget that an expensive procedure does not necessarily mean the best one. Sometimes, it is the opposite. Regret is only big when big amount is wasted.

  1. Find the Right Clinic.


Is the clinic equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can be used to perform a good facial rejuvenation procedure? You can have a hint of it when you visit similar clinics by just looking around. Again, a clinic that is not “hi-tech” does not necessarily men it is not good. If the clinic has lots of patients, it is probably good.

experience (1)

  1. Find Someone Who has Undergone Similar Procedure.


The experience of someone who has tried it will surely give us a clue whether the result is good or not. The more we find and know some people who tried it, the more we can be sure of which option to take.


  1. Perform Your Own Research.


Research is always the best way to do before doing anything especially when it comes to delicate treatment.

  1. Ask a Specialist.


Next to research, another best and most important thing to do is to ask a specialist. A third party opinion is always valuable.



If you wish to undergo a threadlift procedure whether it is a threadlift for nose or cheek, visit any clinic near you or find a specialist to help you.



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