5 Tips to Organise Your Garage


Organizing experts estimate that only 30 percent of garages are used, while the rest are too stuffed and cluttered. If you want to start using the space for your arts and crafts, use the tips below to de-clutter and you’ll get to make use of your garage space.wall-storage-garden-utensil

  1. Set aside a day when you will clean and sort out items in your garage. You don’t have to clean by yourself. Schedule a day with your family and close friends when you will de-clutter items in your garage. Classify items to keep, donate, or sell. Do not put off donating the items, and do it as soon as you are through cleaning.hgrm_ci-california-closets_sporty-garage_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-725
  2. Know where to store items. Several items need not be kept in the car port and instead should be in other parts of the house. Paint cans are best in normal temperature areas. Propane tanks are best kept outdoors. Pet foods should be placed in a sealed container inside the house. As a rule, check if the items can last if stored in the garage.floor-plan
  3. Try to draft a floor plan. You have cleared unnecessary stuff out of the area, so organize the remaining things according to your preference. The corners of your garage can be utilized for lawn mowers and other big and bulky items. Another idea is by laying out the items according to their frequency of use. Always remember that most of the space should be allotted for the car.thinking
  4. Think vertical. Making use of wall and ceiling space will eliminate tire run-ins. Utilize a stall or a pegboard. This is great for small items like yard tools and can even act as a tool bench. For bigger stuff, go for open shelves. Open shelves do not take up space to swing the doors. You can also make use of stackable boxes so that it will be easier to sort and categorize items. Search for ESD box manufacturers online for size options.look-up1
  5. Look up. The garage ceiling is another place where you can store other long flat items. You may hang ladders, surf boards, skis, and other seasonal sports equipment. Ensure that these things will not interfere with the garage door’s function and that they won’t scrape the roof of your vehicle.

Use the five tips listed above as a guideline to de-clutter and re-arrange your garage space. You will be surprised by the amount of space you will now have for your arts and crafts projects!


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