5 Top Eats In Ipoh For True Foodies

If you are truly a foodie, you’ll understand that going the distance to where great food is justifiable; and Ipoh could just be that one last culinary haven you’ve yet to visit in Malaysia.

A 2 hour drive away from the capital of Malaysia, what Ipoh has to offer to satisfy those taste buds is unlike other states, simply because food is everywhere! Here are the top 5 eats you have to try:


No. 5. Assam Laksa

penang-asam-laksa-historyThey say that Penang rules the Assam Laksa arena but this stall at “Big Tree Foot” might just give it a run for its money. You even get to choose Yong Tau Foo pieces while ordering their signature Assam Laksa which has the perfect balance of spiciness and sourness.

Address: 652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji


No. 4. Funny Mountain Soya Bean

dscf1321It’s a funny sight to see queues for Soya Bean Milk and Beancurd, but once you give Funny Mountain a go, there’s truly no looking back. Smooth as silk, you’ll never want to eat from other stores again.

Address: 49, Jala Theatre


No. 3. White Coffee

8553f3a6660cd679fc8c3149c0f61c37Now this is what made Ipoh famous around the Southeast Asian region. Speak of Ipoh and its white coffee comes to mind and you can never ever visit Ipoh without drinking it from where it was born.

Address: 15A Jalan Bandar Timah


No. 2. Chendol

cendolChendol is one of Malaysia’s national desserts. Go anywhere in Malaysia and you can find Chendol famously sold from white mobile trucks, and it is no different here in Ipoh. With its Pandan fragrance and addictive gula Melaka brown sugar, it’s never a bad time to eat it especially under sweltering weather conditions.

Address: Jalan Bunga Raya


No. 1. Bean Sprout Chicken

dsc_7338editedEveryone who visits Ipoh would flock to this place because this stall has probably found the perfect combination of Chicken Rice. It’s tender and tasty chicken coupled with crunchy bean sprouts is all you would need to eat here to complete the Ipoh culinary experience.

Address: 49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin


Ipoh is truly a foodie haven that you must visit at least once. If you are coming from KL, do check the ETS timetable as they have trains going to Ipoh daily. ETS trains are the fastest mode of transport to get to Ipoh which takes about 2 hours.

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