5 Top Reasons Why Parents Should Send Kids To Boarding School

Why should parents consider sending their kids to boarding school? This is a tricky question many parents usually ponder when they substantiate their kids’ private schools options. Children get sent to boarding school for various reasons – to acquire excellent academics,to engage in world-class athletics and enhanced extracurricular activities, and many more. As a country with fast-growing economy, Malaysia has many boarding schools offering all these amenities and other learning essentials that help prepare your child for a bright future.

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should send your child to boarding school.


  1. To unlock the potential of intelligence in children. This may be among the top reasons why parents send their children to boarding school. With all the vast and thorough educational materials beforehand to choose from, kids from boarding school acquire more indispensable knowledge than those in public schools. They also socialize more, and within a community with high diversity. This gives children an open-mindedness since early on.

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  1. Kids can find potential friends for life. If you ask boarding school alumni, many would tell you that they made lasting friendships when in boarding school. This is because boarding schools allow children to build a strong network of colleagues who would still care for them in the future. Every parent is happy when their child is surrounded by people who care for them. A boarding school gives your child that glorious and rare opportunity to make lasting friendships.


  1. To teach responsibility to children. Taking small steps towards maturity is the foundation of living in a boarding school. Children of all ages learn to get along with other kids from different backgrounds quite fast and more healthily. They are also responsible for their actions, because kids usually follow and honor rules set by the school. The high level of discipline maintained lays a strong foundation for your child even at adulthood.


  1. Libraries and media centers are fully stocked. Many boarding schools have more lavish and better-equipped libraries than most public schools. Others are very modern that you’ll find many libraries with a media center inside. In other words, a typical boarding school library will have the most cutting-edge technology, and all the usual print materials in great abundance.


  1. You’ll find great teachers who love to teach. Boarding schools have a tendency of hiring teachers with a bachelor’s degree in their subjects and other related fields. But what most parents admire most from these teachers is their love and passion for teaching. And because discipline level is very high in boarding school, these teachers get to teach with much joy and peace of mind.

Your child benefits a lot when you send him or her to a boarding school. They get to socialize more with people, make lasting friendships, get exposed to an array of top-notch learning materials and more.  They also get the chance to grow up as a very responsible person even in adulthood. If you’re considering to send your child to a boarding school in Malaysia, think of these huge benefits you’d offer to your child.

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