6 Essential Skin Care Products Asian Women Must Covet For Fairer Glowing Skin

Fair skin is all the rage in Asia no matter where you are, and it has been that way for years. Practically every Asian culture deems fair complexion to be a highly desirable trait, especially for women. Back then, women in various Asian cultures would go the extra miles just to have a fair skin, to the point of endangering themselves. Fortunately these days, Asian women no longer have to put themselves at risk with these six essential and non-invasive skin care products for fairer glowing skin:

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  1. Whitening moisturizer. A whitening moisturizer that is formulated from vitamin B3 can make your skin looking brighter and fairer in a short time by penetrating the epidermal cells’ sub-layers. It not only helps against the damages of UV rays, it also effectively fights blemish marks, acne, and dark spots. Make sure to read the ingredient as some products may not be suitable for dry skin type.Image result for massage cream that helps to lighten the skin tone, refine the texture of your skin, tighten the pores, and stimulate circulation. Using a lightening massage cream frequent
  2. Lightening massage cream. Your skin deserves the proper tender loving care, so massage your skin, especially your face, as frequent as you can to encourage blood flow for better glow. Pick a massage cream that helps to lighten the skin tone, refine the texture of your skin, tighten the pores, and stimulate circulation. Using a lightening massage cream frequently will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.Image result for Lightening serum with women
  3. Lightening serum. For an instant radiant and healthy glow, opt for a lightening serum. The best ones are those that suit all skin types, comes in a pump bottle (which makes it more hygienic), has a pleasant smell, is alcohol and oil free, help with getting rid of sun tan, has a light and non-greasy texture, and is easily absorbed into your skin. Additionally, look for a lightening serum that prevents melanin production.Related image
  4. Fairness gel. Another safe skin lightening product you can use is fairness gel. Pick the oil-free ones that help with revitalizing cutaneous cells, preventing skin aging, and lightening skin pigmentation. For hygienic reasons, always purchase a product that comes in a pump bottle and is pocket-friendly. For those with dry skin, you may opt for the oil-based ones.
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  5. Pigmentation reducing cream. Another essential product to have in your skincare routine is a pigmentation reducing cream. The best ones should effectively reduce blemishes, acne scars, pigmentation, age spots, tanned lines, and dark spots. Pick the ones that also come in hygienic and travel-friendly packaging (i.e. tube packaging) as well as those that suits all skin types.Image result for Pigmentation reducing cream
  6. Whitening cream. The best whitening cream should be the ones that can last long throughout the day. Aside from evening your skin tone and making it fairer, an effective whitening cream can also provide protection against sun damages or other skin-related problems, lighten skin marks, prevent skin pigmentation formation, improve skin texture, and is suitable for all skin types.

If you’re going for a fairer, more glowing skin, it may take a while to see visible results depending on your skin type and tone. All in all, incorporate the product in your daily skin care routine for faster results. Make sure you properly follow the direction of each product you use. Sometimes, an overuse of whitening products can lead to serious skin damages and other skin-related issues. Prior to using any product, always consult with a dermatologist first, or ask him or her for a product recommendation.

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