6 Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Watches


Purchasing a watch can cause anxiousness more so when buying luxury watches. Since it takes some time to save enough money to afford a luxury watch, you wouldn’t contemplate buying a watch that will fail you both aesthetically and functionally. Purchasing the best luxury watch is determined by the effort you put doing research on luxury watches. Also consulting with your watch enthusiast friends can give you the basic tips on buying the right luxury watch. Some of the determinants to consider when purchasing a luxury watch include:
1. The World Time Function 

For folks who love travelling all over the world, they should find a luxury watch with the global time function. This will be of excellent help to them in keeping track of time when they are in different time zones. This feature on your luxury watch allows you to see the 24 different time zones of the world. Global time functioning luxury watches will ensure you travel all over the world without losing the exact time.
2. Diving Luxury Watch 

The majority of the luxury watches are equipped with a feature of waterproofness. Whether you are going to use your luxury watch for diving purposes or just as a fashionable accessory, waterproofness is a characteristic you would want in your luxury watch. Having a watch that is not waterproof may leave it prone to damages from rainwater or even spill adversely leading you to lose your watch as well as your money.
3. Glass vs. Crystal 

Luxury watches typically uses sapphire or mineral glass on their watch dials. Compared to mineral glass, the sapphire crystal provides resistances to scratches. Luxury watches made from crystal are more likely to get damaged if exposed to shock or stress. Athletes and lovers of adventure should consider buying luxury watches with sapphire crystal, which is not easily damaged.
4. Self-winding Mechanism 

Automatic movements or manual techniques power most of the luxury watches. Professional watches that functions automatically generally use mechanical movements. Currently, almost every luxury watch has a self-winding mechanism exclusively developed by a specific brand.


  1. Cost This is one of the most fundamental factors to consider, as you cannot possess what you cannot afford. Keeping in mind your budget is crucial to avoid interference with your plans. Having insufficient funds to buy the luxury watch you desire can lead to buyer’s remorse when you buy what you can afford but do not desire. It is nice to save more to purchase the luxury watch that you want and can afford.
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    6. Aesthetical Appeal 

    If you desire to go back to your luxury watch shop the next day to return your watch, think of buying a watch that is not appealing to you. You would want a luxury watch that displays the value of your money as well as class and elegance. Research well beforehand to ensure you make no mistake of making the wrong purchase. Always avoid suggestions that sway you away from your ultimate choice of an aesthetic luxury watch.

    Always choose luxury watch brandsthat you are proud to show off and wear. Most luxury watches lasts for a very long time with some being passed on to other generations, so make no mistake of flushing your money down the toilet. Make sure you buy Tag Heuer in Malaysia if you want a good deal.


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