6 Professional Shopping Tips When Buying Your Makeup Loot Online


The convenience of e-commerce has changed consumer behavior drastically. Gone are the days when people would have to go out for shopping – these days, virtually everything can be purchased online. But some products are harder to buy through the internet than others. Beauty products, for example, can be a challenge to buy online because shoppers can never be sure of the shade, consistency, and quality of the products until they try them first hand. In Malaysia however, these challenges don’t stop most buyers from sourcing their cosmetics through the internet even if it means making a bad buy once in a while. If you’re one of the many Malaysians who struggle to find the right beauty products online, reading this short list of expert tips should teach you how to make the right makeup purchase each and every time.1

  1. Subscribe to the Newsletter – Visit any online beauty shop in Malaysia, and you’re bound to be greeted by a message telling you to enter your email address for special offers. There are lots of amazing perks awaiting those who are willing to take a chance with this constant greeting. Subscribe to the newsletter and wait for regular updates on special offers and discounts that aren’t accessible anywhere else on the site.2 2. Do the Math – Often, online makeup retailers offer “free shipping” on orders reaching a certain value. This often pushes shoppers to fill up their carts with things they don’t necessarily need or want. Before you aim for free shipping, do the math and determine whether it would be more economical to meet the limit or just buy what you need.3 3.   Ask for Swatches – Makeup retailers have customer service hotlines and email addresses for a reason. If you’re not sure which shade would be best for your skin tone, don’t be afraid to send an email or to make a call and ask for swatches to find out which would suit you most appropriately.4 4.                Read Up – Frequent shoppers are usually given the option to leave reviews for products they’ve purchased in the past to enrich the helpfulness of the makeup retailer’s website. Be sure to read through reviews and base your decisions off of the opinions of contributors who have similar skin with you. shop_local.indd5.             Shop Local – It can be tempting to go on a shopping spree through international websites that are a hot topic among your friends, but shopping through local retailers always proves to be a lot more affordable. Not only will shipping be a lot easier on the pocket, waiting time is also much shorter.66.  Understand the Return Policy – If you purchased something only to discover that you don’t actually like it, you might be able to get it exchanged for something of equal or greater value. To find out how you can do it, read and understand the return policy of the site. If they allow buyers to make returns, then go ahead and try whatever shade you think might suit you best. If not, be sure to do some extra research to determine the best option for you.

Buying makeup online can be a bit confusing, but that doesn’t mean you have to take risks with your choices. Keep these 6 smart tips in mind the next time you pay your favorite online makeup shop a visit and get the most of every purchase you make.

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