6 Things to Check if Your WiFi Isn’t Working

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi Internet probably works perfectly. You are able to check email, chat with friends and stream movies all at once. Other times, you’re ready to throw your router across the room because you either can’t connect to the net at all or the connection is so slow that you might as well be disconnected.

This problem is annoying if you are trying to check your email or look something up with your web browser. But if you own and operate a business from your Wi-Fi connection, this issue can lose you a large amount of money and truly set your business back. Fortunately, there are several things that you can easily check to fix your slow or non-existent Wi-Fi connection.


1. How Much Is Your Wi-Fi Being Used? 

Most Wi-Fi routers are made to be used with several different devices at once, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t sometimes get overused and burnt out.

2. What’s the Temperature Near Your Wi-Fi Router? 

It is important to keep your Wi-Fi router in a cool location. It doesn’t have to be cold, but excess heat will definitely hinder the router’s performance. Make sure that you don’t stack electronics because their collective heat could cause these types of problems.

3. How Far Are You From the Router? 

Wi-Fi routers have a certain area around them in which they will work. If you are trying to operate a device on the very edge of that area or outside the area, you will likely run into trouble.

4. Make Sure to Check for Obstructions 

In a similar vein, there are obstructions that can limit the range of a router. It’s a good idea to keep routers outside of cabinets or cupboards.

5. Is Your Password the Problem?

If you don’t have the proper Wi-Fi password, you won’t be doing any email checking or Internet searching. Be aware that some hackers may attempt to steal your connection by changing your password so that you can’t login.


  1. Make Sure There’s No Interference

    Some home appliances have electromagnetic waves that can disrupt your Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, always keep your Wi-Fi router as far away from refrigerators, microwaves and stereos as possible.

    As a final note, if you are still having trouble with your Wi-Fi connection after checking all of the issues listed above, it may be time to call your Internet service provider. Hopefully, a technician will be able to help you out over the phone, or your ISP might send a technician out to your home or office to examine the problem.

    In some cases, when this issue happens continually and doesn’t get better, it may be time to switch service providers. If this is the case, make sure that you look for deals. For instance, check out a Streamyx promotion. This will help you save money each month on your Internet bill, and it will finally get that pesky Wi-Fi problem fixed!



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