7 Things We Wish We’d Known about League of Legends


Online competitive games often have a culture and evolving mechanics and rules than make the learning curve quite steep for the newbie. For many new players, beginning LoL can be a school of hard knocks, and there are a number of things that would’ve made life easier had we known them.


1. LoL Has Its Own Language 

It’s not unusual for an online gaming community to have its own vernacular, but the League of Legends language is fairly dense. You’ll hear stuff you don’t understand for a while. Fortunately, there are entire online glossaries dedicated to explaining terms like gank and OOM.

2. You Can Play Against Bots 

Once upon a time, your very first game could be against human opponents. This wasn’t a great way to introduce new players to the sport, so the developers implemented a new system that blocks multiplayer until a player reaches level five. Bots are a great resource because they afford a low-pressure environment and a user-definable difficulty level. Feel free to play against bots beyond level five. Graduate to PvP once the bots no longer provide a challenge.

3. Being New Is OK 

Every online gaming community has its knuckleheads, and this one is no exception. The good news is that the number of people who have a real sense of community far outweigh the bad eggs. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re new and open to guidance.

4. Champions Feel Different 

Every champion is different. That much is probably obvious, but what may not be so clear at first is just how much the feel can differ between one to the next. Feel is essential, so try as many different champs as possible in order to find not the best ones but the ones that are the best fit for your preferences.

5. Spend Time with Your Hotkeys 

Much of our early difficulties with League of Legends occurred because of a lack of familiarity with our hotkeys. A missed button press can make the difference between winning and losing. Take time to configure your keys, and then play against bots until you’ve memorized them.

6. Map Awareness Is Everything 

Your success as a LoL player will grow considerably as you begin to master map knowledge, and true map awareness only comes with time played on them against human competition. However, you can speed this process up by understanding map fundamentals. Understand the lanes. Know where the starting positions are, and memorize the positions likely to be defended and pushed.

7. Good Players Glance at their Mini-Maps… A Lot 

The mini-map provides you situational or environmental awareness. The main screen only provides you immediate awareness, which is why good players learn to glance at the mini-map. Finding your rhythm will provide you with a great deal of information and thus make you a better, more aware player.

Advancing Beyond Novice

LoL can be an intimidating game at the onset, but it will slow down for you. Once the speed of the game is no longer a hurdle, you’ll begin to grow as player and find that sweet spot for your unique skill set.


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