7 Types of People You’ll Encounter in a Malaysian Gym

Gyms are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. With the trend of looking good and feeling good, hundreds are signing up for gym memberships from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. You may be wondering about who you’ll meet when you join a gym. The gym doesn’t only contain gym-buffs but all types of people trying to look and feel good. Here are seven types of people you can encounter in a Malaysian gym.


  1. The Hulk

Often similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger in size and stature, the token Hulk in every gym is attire too tight to contain their bulging muscles and lifting ten times the weights you lift. The Hulk’s favorite drink is a protein shake before and after they workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. The Socializer

Always chirping away while brisk walking on the treadmill or elliptical machine, the socializer exchanges diet tips and weekend plans with gym-goers. At the end of the day, the socializer is friends with and knows everyone in the gym.

The Socializer


  1. The Beginner

Often working out with a personal trainer, the Beginner just started pumping iron to reach a new body goal or New Year’s resolution. You can see the beginner researching for the right techniques on their smartphones.


  1. The Victoria Secret Model

The Victoria Secret Model is the girl who even after a long and sweaty workout looks fabulous. No amount of sweat will ruin the shine of her hair or the glow of her skin; it only makes her look better.

The Victoria Secret Model


  1. The Coach

The Coach is the go-to guy in the gym who knows the right techniques and does workouts by-the-book. He’s the one you go to if you need advice on a new workout or diet.

The Coach


  1. The Experimenter

The Experimenter likes to try workout techniques; infusing basic gym workout with CrossFit or Yoga among other workouts to come up with an effective yet experimental non-routine workout.


  1. The Lurker

There’s always somebody in the gym who’s coasting on a rest bench, using the Wi-Fi or bopping to the gym playlist; these are the lurkers. The Lurker works out half the time in the gym, and the other half just hangs out in the gym to talk or bask in the cold air.


The gym contains all types of people. It can be a great place to observe and find a gym buddy. Who knows? Maybe after a few months, you’re one of the types of people found in the gym.

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