Aging is an inevitable process in any living organism. The overall functioning of organs reduces over the aging process, and the human skin is one of the vulnerable organs when it comes to aging. Ultherapy is one modernized way to tighten the skin. Ultherapy in Malaysia has become familiar and is offered by the Ulthera Incorporation. The costs may be un-affordable for all individuals and below are some of the essential guides to eradicate the wrinkle problem.

1. Diet rich in gelatine 
Gelatine is a form of cooked collagen which can be found in pigs and cows bones, skin and tissues. It is obtained from boiling these parts. Gelatine does magic on the skin like the face creams by keeping the skin elastic and is additionally cheap, long-lasting and safer.

2. Sleep long enough 
Sleeping for fewer hours makes the body churn out a stress hormone known as cortisol which slows tissue repair and, as a result, the skin dries up. On the other hand, when sleeping, the body produce a Human Growth Hormone that accelerates cell production. This hormone works the magic by retaining a smooth, healthy skin.

3. Keep on being hydrated 
Water, coconut water, and green tea are some of the products that are full of antioxidants. They get rid of the toxins and, more importantly, moisturize the body from within illuminating a smooth, healthy skin which is wrinkles free.
4. Take lots of antioxidants 
Vitamins A, C, and E are rich in antioxidants which neutralize the toxins in our bodies. Due to metabolism in the body, toxins must be produced but must also be eliminated from the body as they do more harm especially on the skin.
5. Quit smoking 
There are no healthy benefits of smoking, and wrinkled skin is one of the major results of smoking. Despite being an addict, quit smoking as it speeds up the wrinkle formation on your face thus making one older for their age.
6. Toxic free moisturizer 
Ladies purchase moisturizers blindly simply for beauty purposes. The beauty products if not keenly evaluated may give the opposite outcomes from the expected. To erase those wrinkles, use moisturizers with coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba, and grape seed moisturizers. They are naturally anti-inflammatory to the skin and contains no toxins.
7. Consume more of saturated fats 
The right saturated fats play a significant role on a healthy skin. Taking fats does not imply that one will gain weight as long as it is the right fat type. Homemade butter, avocado, and coconut oil will be helpful.
8. Use toxic free sunscreen 
Wrinkles are highly caused by toxins and free radicals. Nowadays there is a natural sunscreen and is highly preferred to commercial sunscreens.
The natural way of eliminating wrinkles is the best option when it comes to beauty. Commercial products may at times disappoint the user and make the situation worse. These tips will be useful for people in all the age brackets. The youths will be well equipped when dealing with wrinkles, and the aged will learn how to reduce the wrinkles and obtaining a healthy skin


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