A Better Alternative To Filtered Water

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The human body is made up 60% water on the average.  If only for this reason, the kind and quality of water that you allow into your system should be of your utmost concern.  Most households prefer the bottled type because it is more convenient to purchase and dispense.  Others have invested on home water purifying systems as it has proven to be more economical.  For safety reasons, parents prefer to purify their tap water and store in sterilized glass containers instead of using disposable plastic bottles.  Households and business establishments have started to take further steps in ensuring that the water they consume is no less than healthy and clean, free from contaminants that may harm the body.


One of the most popular alternatives to tap and bottled water that made waves in the market is alkaline water.  It is supposedly less acidic and therefore, safer for human consumption.  While regular tap water has a pH level of 7, alkaline water has 8 or 9, making it more capable of neutralizing the acid in your body.  A system that is less acidic is deemed to be less prone to serious illnesses like stomach ulcers, diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer.


So is it time you invest on a new water system?  Read the benefits and see for yourself:


  1. Alkalized water helps neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels in the blood that goes to your vital organs.

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  1. It helps improve your energy and increases metabolism.

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  1. Due to its anti-oxidizing properties, alkalized water also helps in slowing down the skin’s aging process.

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  1. It is a good detoxifying agent as it removes acidic wastes that accumulate in your body every day.

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  1. It is able to hydrate your body better by forming water micro clusters that are absorbed easier and faster by your system.

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The kind of water that you introduce to our system may have more impact on your overall health condition than the food that you eat or the exercise routines that you do (or don’t do).  Water travels to all parts of your system and affects every part of your body the minute you ingest it.  If you can find a better alternative to your regular bottled water, wouldn’t you consider switching for your family’s benefit?

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