A Fun Gift Guide for the Bearded Boyfriend!


Sometimes, it may be hard to shop for the man in your life. However, if he has a beard, there are certain grooming gifts for your boyfriend that will be functional and appreciated. Here are some helpful ideas that will bring a smile to his fuzzy face.

Electric Beard Trimmer

Although many people believe it is easy to maintain a beard, it takes great care and attention to keep it looking good. An electric beard trimmer is relatively inexpensive, but it will keep your man’s face looking neat and orderly. Since this device has many settings, your boyfriend will be able to easily control the length of his beard without making uneven mistakes. Besides his beard, a trimmer will help keep his neck clean of hair as well.

Beard and Mustache Comb

Just like the hair on your boyfriend’s head needs to be combed daily, the hair on his face needs to be combed as well. Even though it seems to be a no-brainer, very few bearded men own a beard/moustache comb. This item is available in a variety of materials. A wood or stainless steel comb is a thoughtful gift that would help your boyfriend control his facial hair and keep it from getting unruly. It is something that will last a long time as well.
beard comb

Straight Razor

When your boyfriend decides to shave his face or wants to keep hair from growing on his neck, an old-fashioned razor is a must-have grooming accessory. Also, it is a vital tool that helps with close sculpting of big beards. A straight razor gives better results than its disposable counterpart. It makes an excellent gift that will provide the ultimate shaving experience.

Beard Oil and Brush

With time, your boyfriend’s beard may become brittle, which hurts when you sneak a kiss. To keep the hair soft and manageable, beard oil is essential. A quality beard oil will keep the hair looking good, smelling good, and easy to control. With a brush, it will be possible for the oil to reach his chin so that his skin retains moisture as well.

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a beard, you can still get plenty of ideas for gifts for your boyfriend. The above items are just a few ideas that will help him maintain the hair so that he looks great for date night. When a beard is healthy, it feels soft, which is perfect when you want to get close to his ruggedly handsome face. This is definitely something he will appreciate.

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