A Guide for Students Planning to Take a Mass Communication Degree in Malaysia

Mass communication is a course that’s very popular among incoming university students in Malaysia, for the simple reason that it’s very relevant to the technology-driven culture of today. Mass communication is embedded in almost every creative industry out there like journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, art, and entertainment. These are industries that are often connected with the interests and hobbies of young people. There’s no denying the importance of mass communication in this generation’s students. Below is a quick guide about the things you need to learn about mass communication courses in Malaysia.

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Is Mass Comm The Right Course For You? Before you decide to embark on a mass communication course, you have to think of your endgame. Think long-term. If you are truly confident that working in journalism, broadcasting, or public relations is something that you really want to do, then this course is right for you. The great thing about a degree in mass communication is that you can work in a lot of fields and industries. The jobs being offered for mass comm graduates are not limited to the three fields mentioned above. The course can be applied in almost every field and specialization whether it’s art, social sciences, or engineering.2
The Best Universities for Mass Communication in Malaysia Almost all major universities in the country offer mass communication courses. The schools you choose will depend on your location and personal preferences. However, if you are looking for the schools with the best courses, take into consideration the following institutions: Universiti Putra Malaysia, INTI International University and Colleges, Taylor’s University, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, and KDU University College. It’s advisable that before you choose a particular institution, make it a point to visit the school or talk to a representative online and verify details about their courses.3
What To Expect From The Course The curriculum may slightly differ from one school to another but the topics and fields of study are usually the same. In your first year, you will learn the basics of the industry. Subjects often include the following: media writing, communication theories, critical thinking, logic studies, and intercultural communication. In the next two and three years, your subjects will depend on the major you pick. For instance, if you choose journalism, then your studies will be more on media-related topics like news writing, fact-checking, media ethics, and investigative research. It’s also worth mentioning here that some universities require students to go through some sort of internship before they are allowed to graduate.
The Key Skills You Need to Perform Well in Mass Comm Just like in any field, you are going to need a specific set of skills to do well in mass communications. First of all, you must have a strong command in language. You should be able to effectively communicate ideas either in written or spoken form. You should also have the attributes of patience and perseverance. This means you have the ability to work crazy hours if needed. Expect a lot of overtime work. And last but not the least, you must have the capability to adapt to new environments and changing trends. This is especially true in this age of the internet and technology development.
The Bottom Line In a nutshell, pursuing a degree in mass communication is a great idea. The demand for graduates in this field has never been higher. This is not to mention the fact that you have a lot of options when you finish the course. The skills you learned in the course can be applied in almost any industry. And of course, almost every major university in Malaysia offers the course, so you have a lot of schools to choose from.

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