A Luxury Gift Guide: 10 Unique Gifts For Watch Enthusiasts

Many Malaysian watch collectors are a fan of luxury, and would not settle for anything less. Luckily, the country boasts various high-end designer brands which attract many tourists looking to shop and snag the best deals. These days, more and more luxury watch brands open their flagship stores in Malaysia. In addition to watches, they also sell a variety of watch-related products and accessories. With Christmas coming, it’s the moment to impress the watch enthusiasts in your life. Here we have listed 10 unique gifts that only watch aficionados would love and appreciate:

  1. Watch movement cufflinks

Sometimes exhibiting the luxury watch on your wrist is not enough. The watch movement cufflinks adds uniqueness to a person’s personality, style, and taste.watch-movement-cufflinks


  1. Watch case opener

Most watch lovers are passionate about the aesthetics and mechanics of watches. With a watch case opener, it truly seals the deal.watch-case-opener


  1. Leather watch strap

Many watch addicts have multiple watch straps made of different high-quality materials. Give them a leather watch strap for a touch of luxury to add to their collection.leather-watch-strap


  1. Watch-related coffee table book

One can’t be a fan of horology without knowing the mechanics of a watch. A watch lover would be delighted to learn more about the art of making clocks and watches, as well as the measurement and study of time. What better ways to learn about them than reading a watch-related book? One of the books worth reading is Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking.watch-related-coffee-table-book


  1. Watch roll

A lot of watch collectors and enthusiasts fall into the busy jet-setting bunch. Make their lives easier with a watch roll. Its main function is to safely keep the timepieces intact in one place. Plus, it’s easy to carry during extended trips while minimizing space. Check out brands like Convoy or Smythson.watch-roll


  1. Luxury watch

What would watch lovers do without a luxury watch in their possession? There are various luxury watch brands that cater to different watch enthusiasts. Give them a watch they haven’t owned yet and shop for luxury watches in Malaysia, like Rolex or Patek Philippe.luxury-watch


  1. Watch winder

A watch winder is not only stylish and a good decoration for one’s study or living room, it also does the trick by keeping one’s spare watch wound and running like a normal functioning watch. Check out Wolf 1834.watch-winder


  1. Vintage marine chronometer

A vintage marine chronometer makes for a good desk clock and graces one’s study room in ways that a typical clock couldn’t, by giving it a classy look.vintage-marine-chronometer


  1. Vintage pocket watch

Relive the old ways by owning a vintage pocket watch, which most gentlemen used to have. A pocket watch adds flair to one’s style and personality.vintage-pocket-watch


  1. Bracelet sizing and strap changing tool kit

A tool kit for bracelet sizing and strap changing comes in handy and enables one to fix their watch without going to a watchmaker.bracelet-sizing-and-strap-changing-tool-kit


Most of these unique watch gifts can be purchased online for an added and better shopping convenience, and they all come in a special, luxurious designer-worthy packaging. However, be wary and buy only on reputed online stores that sells luxury watches in Malaysia to avoid buying the fake ones.

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