A Rookie Farming Guide to Blade and Soul


Whether you’re playing it casual or is hellbent in getting the most farm and levels as quickly as possible, this guide is a must-read for you. While gold farming seems simple enough for any newbie to partake in, it’s an art form that requires a methodical approach and in-depth knowledge. Knowing where to farm, what to farm, and when to farm are key data points that will help you progress faster.
Know Your Character 

Know how efficient your character class can farm based on the abilities it is bestowed with. Like in other MMOs, some classes in Blade and Soul are designed to be efficient farmers, given their high DPS abilities, low mana costs and cooldowns, and high vitality and armour. For example, despite their high burst damage and mobility, the Assassin class tends to have problems clearing out tanky mobs due to their weak armour and HP. On the other hand, the Blade Dancer class can relatively farm faster due to its high AOE output and effective ranged attacks.
Choose the Right Profession 

There are different professions you can choose for your character. Each profession will be able to craft different materials. It’s important to choose a profession that will be able to craft items you need at your current level. For example, in the early stages of the game, players will require HP potions for their Windstride quest. For the latter phases of levelling, players will be crafting a ton of evolution stones, which require a profession that can provide refiners and bowls.
Shop Through the Auction House 

Ideally, you’d want to level up to at least level 45 before doing this method. Auction house lists almost all tradable gears and items, from potions to rare weapons. You’ve got to have a good idea of what items are actually worth something in the endgame and which ones are trash. Since you can only place 10 items per day, you don’t want to be spending it selling low-value items that no one wants.
Grind the Right Dungeon 

Currently, there are six major dungeons that are geared for high-level characters. You can repeat the runs here for gold and high-value drops. For an efficient run, you should party up with at least three other characters, five if you have the characters to spare. While 6-man parties are easier to grind in high-level dungeons, 4-man parties actually have a higher chance of gathering purple-grade gear.
Purchase In-Game Credit 

When you play online games from Singapore or from anywhere else across the globe, you are given the option to buy in-game credit that will make it easier for your character to gain levels and get spendable gold. You can purchase different items using the in-game credit, such as the Founder’s Pack, VIP packs, Gift Bags, etc. The game accepts all major payment methods including Visa and Paypal. You can also top up using a store-bought card.

Farming is a fun and exciting activity in any MMORPG. You get to see your character accumulate wealth and be able to buy more advanced armour and weapon sets with it. The guide above isn’t the Holy Grail of farming in Blade and Soul, but it’s definitely a good starting point for rookie players.


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