A Wise Plan Guide to Keeping Carpets in the Home Clean

A nice carpet contributes to the overall nice look of a home or apartment’s interior. Neglecting a carpet is never a good thing, but troubles and mishaps do arise. Spills are a common nuisance in a home. Trekking in dirt via one’s shoes is another way carpets get messy looking. And pets are not always kind to the fibers of carpeting.

Mercifully, there are ways to improve the look of even the most damaged of all carpets. Even someone who is not a professional carpet cleaner can access equipment that will do a wonderful job of making sure a home – and its carpeting – always look presentable.


Put Preventive Measures in Place

Consider it best to have a host of preventive things in place to keep the carpet safe from suffering from damage. Having a policy of no foods or beverage in a room with carpeting is a wise move. Stay in the areas with tiled flooring. Lay down smaller rugs in the room with carpeting as these present some protection from dirt and dust in specific areas. And no one should be walking on carpeting with shoes that have traveled outside.



Be Consistent with Cleaning the Carpet

People who allow carpets to go weeks and weeks (or longer) without taking serious steps to clean the carpet usually end up with carpeting that looks awful. Cleaning the carpet at least once a week is a must. Twice a week is better. This keeps dirt, dust, and other things from ruining the fibers.



Treat Spills as Emergencies

No matter how many wise steps to prevent problems from arising are taken, mishaps and accidents do happen. A glass of iced tea, for example, could end up spilling onto the carpet. Now, a huge stain is present. Allowing the stain to remain and become set in is going to do nothing more than allow the stain to become permanent. The second a spill appears, get a carpet cleaning machine and go to work.

Another point should be mentioned here. The carpet cleaning machine should be run with industrial grade carpet cleaning fluid. This should be the case when cleaning up a spill or choosing to do a twice-a-year major cleaning on the carpet. Standard-level cleaning fluid is not going to have much of an effect.



Attack Dust Seriously

Simply using a duster and a standard vacuum cleaner may not be enough to get a troubling collection of massive dust off a floor. Renting a dust collector system periodically and using the system to really attack dust is going to have a much more impacting effect.



Procure High-End Equipment

The traditional cleaners used in a home are fine for most jobs, but anyone seeking something more thorough should rent the higher-end equipment. Central vacuums fall under such a description.


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