4 Smart Packing Tips That Will Take the Stress Out of House Moving

Happy couple in their new home having fun - moving concept


Getting ready to move into your dream home requires plenty of packing. Ask anyone and they’re likely to say that the process can be exhausting and dreadful when you have everything from furniture to kitchen utensils to sort out. However, when you have smart packing tricks up your sleeves, you can definitely save a lot of time and energy when moving into your new home. Before settling into your new place, here are useful packing tips that will help to take the stress out of house moving.







sort out your unused belongings and put it up for sale or donate it to charity

  1. Sort out unused items for donation or sale

Just imagining the number of furniture, home decorations, clothing, and kitchen equipment to pack are enough to induce stress into our lives. Instead of bringing every single item into your new home, sort out your unused belongings and put it up for sale or donate it to charity. That way, you will avoid cluttering your new home with the things you no longer need.







Keeping your belongings safe and protected is important

  1. Wrap your belongings to keep it safe

Keeping your belongings safe and protected is important especially when you’re hiring a moving truck to transport the boxes for you. If you have a breakable vase, ornaments, or precious figurines to pack, wrap them up with bubble wraps, blankets, or packing papers to keep them in place. If you have items in various shapes and sizes, opt for a corrugated carton box that also doubles as a splendid recyclable option.







Moving Day

  1. Arrange your kitchenware vertically

A household item that requires the utmost care is your fragile kitchenware. Whether they’re ceramic or heat-proof glass, the last thing you need is a cracked coffee cup, whiskey glass, or punch bowl. As a smart tip, pack them vertically into a box and envelope each item with bubble wrap or blanket. It may require extra attention and effort, but this packing technique will save you from the pain of seeing your kitchenware shattered.







When your move involves plenty of boxes and items, the organization is important

  1. Keep the boxes from the same room together

When your move involves plenty of boxes and items, the organization is important. Apart from having a thorough checklist, arrange boxes from the same room together to ease the unpacking process. It will also avoid the trouble of searching high and low for the things you need such as finding your clothing box in the kitchen with the rest of your utensils.


While there are many things to consider before settling into your new home, packing up your entire home is a hurdle that every homeowner has to overcome. Things may even get complicated when you deal with fragile items and heavy furniture. However, with these smart packing tips we have for you, the packing process will be a smooth-sailing experience.

Money 101: How to Manage Your Credit Card Like A Pro (Even If It’s Only Your First)


Do you dream of getting all the things you want with just a swipe? Grab everything now and pay later – this is the most incredible privilege that the Malaysian credit card can offer to you. So if you don’t have one yet, here are the things you need to know and do in getting that magic card:


  1. Look for Free-for-Life Cards

Back then, no one has to carry the burden of paying annual fees. There are instances when the bank doesn’t want to waive your annual fee. But don’t get frustrated just yet, because you can cancel your card anytime. Usually, the bank immediately waives the fees.

But you know what they say, the only constant thing in this world is change. Time flies and bank policies change. Some banks will deny your annual fee waiver even after many negotiations. So there, the ugly side of the modern banks – they can get nitty gritty with their waivers.

As a newbie, it is better to focus on “free-for-life” credit cards. In that case, you don’t have to beg for the approval of annual fee waivers.


  1. Have Cards for Different Categories

Before, credit cards were super! Some would give you  5% of your cash and an additional of 5 points on your next purchases. But the glory days of supercards came to an end. So if you are going to choose a bank, one of the things you should consider is if it is next to being super!

If you want to save money by using credit cards, the trick is you should not depend on the best or a supercard anymore. Assess the things you tend to spend most on and think of getting a cashback when purchasing them.


  1. Choose the simplest yet reasonable

In Malaysia credit card promotion is often, be it in advertisements or during direct sales. But when you try to test it for a reality check, there will be twist they didn’t tell you about. For instance, they will say that you will be given 10% of your cash back daily. But once you already hold the card, you will find out that 10% of the cash back will be rewarded if you spend a minimum amount, for example, RM 3,000 a month! What’s also frustrating is that their offers are only available in certain malls and certain weeks. So you better give some time on reading fine prints in the terms and conditions especially if your money is at stake.


So, it is recommended for you to choose the simplest cards with uncomplicated pros and cons but will still serve your purpose. Simple things are easier to understand and have lesser risks at stake.

You can have everything with just one simple card. In just a swipe, your life can greatly change. But of course, on the other side of your luxuries, don’t forget that you have responsibilities to do over your credit cards. Be wise money-wise!

5 Astounding Facts You Never Knew About Rolex Watches


Like most people, when you hear the name brand Rolex, you think of outstanding quality with an equally exceptional price tag attached. That’s because for more than 100 years, Rolex has established itself as one of the world’s finest makers of watches and other timepieces.

Despite its high stature and global brand recognition, there’s a lot that you and others never knew about the world’s most renowned maker of men’s and women’s timepieces. Here are five astounding facts you never knew about Rolex watches.in-defense-of-rolex-watches-1089300-TwoByOne

  1. POWs Made Rolex Popular

During World War II, English flyers who were shot down and kept in  German Prisoner of War (POW) camps could receive free Rolex timepieces to replace the service watches typically stolen by their captors. When U.S. flyers heard Rolex supported English flyers, they also sought Rolex watches, which became a highly desired watch among aviators after the war ended.

London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge
London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge
  1. Rolex Began in London

Likely the most well-known brand based in Switzerland, Rolex actually got its start in 1905 in London. Hans Wilsdorf of Bavaria and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, started buying Swiss movements to place in watches sold in London. Eventually, the two men opened shop in Switzerland in 1919, where the world’s best watchmakers still are located.download (1)

  1. Still Made by Hand

At a time when computer-aided production has created exceptionally narrow manufacturing tolerances and reduced costs, Rolex continues making every single watch by hand. The only machines used are for sorting parts and similar tasks, while human hands handle all production and assembly tasks.rolex-watches-should-you-buy-one-1091380-TwoByOne

  1. Special Steel Construction

Rolex uses a higher quality stainless steel than other watch manufacturers, which the company says helps to deter pitting and corrosion. The 904L stainless steel Rolex uses higher concentrations of chromium and nickel, which makes the steel harder and hold a polish much better.ROLEX

  1. Survived Extreme Ocean Depths

Divers the world over have used Rolex timepieces during their deep dives. But the members of the U.S. Navy in 1960 attached a Rolex to the exterior of a deep-diving sub, which went down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The watch came back unscathed and without losing a second, despite extreme pressures.

Whether you own a Rolex or are a casual fan of the brand, Rolex has a unique history. It also continues as the world’s top maker of watches, which often appreciate in value.

5 Development Strategies That Will Effectively Boost Any Business

In the field of entrepreneurship and business, there are many aspects that must be taken into account: target market, projected quality, supply and demand, and many others. However, a successful venture would include something that is often overlooked: business development strategies. But what exactly is a Business Development Strategy? Often defined as a long-term plan for a company, BDS is the plan for further improvement of a business that can include programs, projects, practices, and activities in order to ensure that quality of product and service is continuous at a given time. It is the catalyst for the company’s advancement, either to maintain the consistency of the company, ensure longevity and stability or overall enhance everything.

As it is truly crucial to business groups, companies always look for qualified employees in this department. This is especially true in countries with booming economies, such as Malaysia. As this country continues enjoying its healthy and growing economy,  there are always opportunities for business development jobs in Malaysia. What are the most consistent techniques that industries mostly maximize? Here are the five effective business strategies that work effectively in any business.

  1. Right Person, Right Time – Hiring the best person at the best possible time is very important in every business. Knowledge and experience must always be a factor, but so are attitude and drive towards work. It only takes one weak brick to make a tower crumble. There are three stages in the process of commercialization: scouting, testing, and scaling. These are the things to consider when finding the right person. If one can do all three with great results, then the person is good for the company.Hiring the best person at the best possible time is very important in every business development jobs
  2. Always Look For Growth Opportunities – It is important to always keep a steady eye on the horizon. Always be on the look-out for various ways to improve in terms of opportunities in better partnerships and deals. Study the field carefully. Take time to know about various companies that can help you further advance in the present or in the future. If you know your way around, then you know who to call for what, where, and when. Use your network wisely.
  3. Know Your Market – Your audience should always be your main focus. To provide quality supply, you must first know what the demands are. Always listen to the consumers so you know how to adjust your pitch and improve your product in accordance with their wants and/or needs.As a business developer you should know your market and always listen to the consumers
  4. Provide A Clear Framework – Setting the goals in a clear and concise manner helps the company so everyone must know what the end goals of this process. Is it to generate more income? Improve quality? Foster lasting partnerships? With this, you can set a specified timeline for the program, and also improve communication as the addressing of issues and concerns become easier.
  5. Brainstorm, Innovate, Repeat – To be able to stay on top of everybody else in terms of professional competition, you must always be in a league of your own. Always look for opportunities in breakthroughs and challenging the norm. To be able to always think outside the box is to be one step ahead of the pack. Creativity partnered with the knowledge of the market creates success and more opportunities.Business development jobs always look for opportunities in breakthroughs and challenging the norm

While there are still more to business developments that can be tackled, here are the top five that are mostly needed in all markets. If you think you are equipped to do this kind of work, there are many business development jobs in Malaysia that opening up. Go and look for one and help a company make it to the top.

How to Maximize Your Fun and Safety When Cycling in Malaysia

AR-AA760_SP_Mai_G_20121213180326Cycling is a popular sport in Malaysia. As a low-impact exercise, it is a good sport for people of all ages and shapes. Not only that cycling promotes the release of the feel-good endorphins and reduces stress, it is also quite effective for weight loss.

If you are just starting to consider on investing your time and money into this hobby, here are some guides to make your journey worth the effort:1412003083823-1oor1afv8ob94-630-80

  1. Set Up Your Bicycle for a Proper Fit Do not just follow the latest trend or what other people tell you. Take your time to pick the most suitable bicycle for your needs, whether it is a road bike, mountain bike, or foldable bike. The options are endless, with prices range from RM 2,200 to RM 12,000, depending on your choice of type and brand. If you take some time to do a bit of research, there is a great chance to find some bicycle promotions in store or online.

The most important thing is to choose the right size before you adjust the ergonomic settings of your bicycle as accurate as possible. This can make a huge difference in your cycling experience, as you will not experience any tingling, numbness, or back pain.

For example, you want to fix your saddle height so that your knee is 80-90 percent extended when you are sitting on the bike. Also, the angle from your arms to hip should be about 90 degrees so that you can keep your back straight throughout the ride. When you are reaching for the handlebar, make sure you do not have to lock your elbows. jpg

  1. Get Together with Other Cycling Enthusiasts There are many cycling events available throughout the year so you just need to set a monthly budget to spend on these activities. If you are starting this hobby by yourself, this is a great way to explore new routes and meet new friends. Like when you are working out at the gym, having some cycling buddies would motivate oneself to keep on going.vn-medium-New-Sky-rides-for-Cycling-Enthusiasts-
  2. Join the KL Car Free Morning The two-hour event is held twice a month, on the first and third Sunday of the month, where around seven kilometers of major streets in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle are closed for motor vehicles. Thousands of people have joined this activity to cycle, run, skateboard, rollerblade, or simply walk to promote a healthy lifestyle.

People can also rent bicycles there on a first come, on the first-served basis. If you want to test the roads, some places like Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, FRIM, and Perdana Botanical Gardens provide dedicated cycling routes and affordable bike rentals.Overall-image-

  1. Prepare Budget for Accessories Cycling could be both expensive and affordable, depending on your approach to it. As a start, one should consider safety, injury prevention, comfort, and performance – in that respective order. For example, buying a helmet is a must, but you can choose to spend your money on a ninety ringgit helmet or a thousand ringgit one, based on your style preference. The best way to not go overboard with your spending on bike accessories is by setting a maximum budget and stick to it.

Again, you can check out several online shops and subscribe to their newsletters to get the latest bicycle promotions when they are available. Have a safe ride!

5 Simple Steps To Pack Fragile Items Using Corflute Sheets

5 Simple Steps To Pack Fragile Items Using Corflute Sheets


A corflute sheet, also known as Corriflute, is a type of corrugated plastic board often used for packing and providing protection for fragile items. They’re economical and highly durable, making them the top choice when it comes to packing things. Follow these five simple steps to pack fragile items using corflute sheet:







Gather all fragile items that need to be packed and a few packing supplies

Step 1

Gather all fragile items that need to be packed and a few packing supplies: corflute boxes, corflute sheets, packing tape, recycled newspaper for wrapping, and other packing material that may come in handy, such as foam peanuts or bubble wraps.







Start wrapping your fragile items like glassware or plates individually in multiple layers

Step 2

Start wrapping your fragile items like glassware or plates individually in multiple layers with bubble wraps or recycled newspaper before securing them with packing tape.







Prepare your boxes by putting several corflute sheets inside the box

Step 3

Prepare your boxes by putting several corflute sheets inside the box, using them as dividers. Depending on the size of your box and the number of items, you can create 2-4 rows of divided sections using the corflute sheet (you may need to cut them to fit the box) to place each of your fragile items separately if you don’t want to pile too much of them on top of each other. Place each of the wrapped items in every section created.







Fill the remaining empty space with foam peanuts or even rolled towels

Step 4

Fill the remaining empty space with foam peanuts or even rolled towels. Make sure you don’t leave any room for the items to move around. Seal your box and shake it lightly to see whether there’s any movement inside the box. If the items can still move, you need to fill in more foam peanuts or other packing material as many as you can until the remaining space is filled and no movement occurs.







Woman packs parcel in post office

Step 5

Once no movement occurs, seal all boxes using the tape. For extra protection, you can put the sealed boxes inside other large boxes filled with foam peanuts. While it’s best to pack items in a minimal amount in each box, you can pack multiple items in a box by making sure that the heaviest item is placed at the bottom of the box, followed by lighter items on top of it.



Besides packing, there are plenty of other uses for corflute sheets. You can use them for building, packaging, industrial, graphic, and signage purposes. The sheets often come in the size of 3mm thickness (1200mm x 2400mm) and can be easily purchased online, at most stationery or art stores, and directly from suppliers.

Want to Know How to Properly Store Your Stuff? Here are Practical Tips and Tricks


Want to Know How to Properly Store Your Stuff Here are Practical Tips and Tricks

Storing fragile items is a tedious task. Even if you are a well-organized person, the shape, size, and material used in the items you will be storing must be taken into consideration to keep them safe from any danger.

In this post, we will give you tips and guides on how to store common fragile items which may be in your possession right now:







you may attach a foam board of the said size prior storing

  1. Mirrors

To store mirrors, properly wrap it entirely in a paper, preferably acid-free one. Once wrapped, store them vertically with at least one-fourth (¼) inch distance in between. To provide the said barrier, you may attach a foam board of the said size prior storing.







Furniture must be protected from dust, stains, and scratches

  1. Furniture

Furniture must be protected from dust, stains, and scratches. Depending on the material the furniture is made of, you may cover them with fabric cloth to prevent dust from contact. Your upholstery may also benefit from a simple cloth cover but it is best to use drop cloths which are widely available in many hardware stores. Should you wish to prevent stains, plastic cover may be used first prior application of the drop cloth.







Since electronic items are made up of sensitive materials

  1. Electronic items

Since electronic items are made up of sensitive materials, storing them may be a more challenging chore. It is widely advised that these kinds of items be stored in bins like ESD totes or those containers which are made of conductive metal, over layered in plastic and wrapped in static dissipative coating. These components allow electronic items to be stored properly and provide physical protection especially for devices which are static-sensitive.







Before storing rugs and carpet, make sure that they are 100% clean

  1. Rugs and Carpet

Before storing rugs and carpet, make sure that they are 100% clean. This is to prevent bacteria from growing over time while they are stored. Once cleaned, you may begin storing by wrapping them inside an acid-free tube. Neatly tie both edges of the tube tightly to cover completely. Once done, store them upright and check them once in a month to protect your rugs from pest infestation.



Storing your precious items is surely hard but following these tips and guides will surely put you on track so you can prolong the good conditions of your treasured things.

3 Main Reasons Temperature Is Important in Food Production And Distribution

TTemperature plays an important role in the food supply chains around the agriculture sector, food processing industry, and food distribution sector. Farmers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers also benefit a lot from the temperature regulation of their food supply. However, the results acquired vary by product category, depending on the potential markets in which these businesses operate. These changes affect contractual relationships between buyers and sellers and influences how agricultural commodity prices can likely increase consumer prices.

Below are some of the top reasons why temperature is so important in food production and distribution.1

1)    Ensure food is stored safely. The refrigeration equipment used in many supermarkets, restaurants and other food industries set their materials at an optimal temperature to store food safely. Setting the right temperature ensures storage times are not exceeded, and the food is protected from harmful pests at all times. On the other hand, foods that might be found spoiled for some reason are removed to exercise proper food storage measures in the workplace.2

2)    Minimize power consumption. Making sure the right temperature is set and storage times are not exceeded minimizes a machine’s energy consumption. This also cuts costs of maintenance services significantly, which means your machine lasts longer without incurring in absurd repair fees every year. Conducting building thermography inspections regularly around the workplace can help you improve equipment maintenance to an optimum level and pinpoint problems quickly. This means the cost of repairs would drop dramatically. Thermography survey can also reduce environmental impact, which means the health of workers would be in good hands at all times.3

3)    Allow less waste of food. Food dealers benefit from less of wasted food when they set refrigeration materials at an optimum temperature. This allows them to reap an abundance of fresh produce for sale, deliver food faster to consumers, and respond more quickly to satisfy market demand. Food dealers also benefit from much-improved forecasting of facilities and predictable supplies.

The fundamental role played by temperature in ensuring food deliveries are safe and in good condition for consumer use has arisen the widespread use of ICT. Now every task involving food supply chain, such as the process of warehouse bookings, transfers, receiving, and picking inventories has become a lot easier. These changes have enabled food enterprises to experience unparalleled growth on sales and acquire thought leadership. All the same, the list above explains some of the main reasons why temperature is vital for food production and distribution.

3 Simple Ways To Integrate Digital Marketing And PR To Generate Leads

Technology has contributed to a lot of changes in various industries, leading to new career opportunities that were unheard of before in Malaysia. For example, public relations used to about building relationships and creating brand awareness in the real world offline. These days, however, it can simply be done online, and be integrated with digital marketing to generate leads. These are 3 simple ways you can integrate PR and digital marketing to get better quality leads:the most effective communication job strategies is to launch a relevant project that fits within your goals

  1. Launch a relevant project You need a long-term commitment when it comes to working on your public relations campaign and digital marketing. When integrating the two elements, one of the most effective digital marketing and public relations strategies is to launch a relevant project that fits within your goals. For example, if you’re working at an ethical fashion company, you can launch a platform that provides great information to your customers as well as the global ethical fashion community regarding the negative effects on the environment and people caused by some practices conducted in the apparel industry. Start a new social media campaign with interesting hashtags like #climatefashion complete with a call-to-action, such as by introducing your new earth-friendly clothing line.
  2. Boost post Brainstorm with the content marketing team and come up with an interesting article relevant to your business. Find the right platform to publish the article that features all the wonderful things about your business (make sure the platform or the media is influential enough). Boost the post further by featuring the great press you received in your ads or customer emails. This is one of the fastest ways to build credibility which in turn will generate leads. By having your digital public relations team to boost the positive article in the press, you’ll have an advertising asset which helps to create a huge momentum for the business.Brainstorm with the content marketing team and come up with an interesting article relevant to your communication business
  3. Turn press mention into long-term assets Get as much press mention as possible and turn them into long-term assets by using them creatively. For example, if your business has been mentioned on the local news, you can upload the video of the broadcast to your Facebook page and run a few advertisements that target the right people. Sometimes, all it takes is one single piece of public relation in order to have a successful ad campaign, so make sure you strategize and brainstorm with the team.In communication jobs you need to get much press mention and turn them into long-term assets by using them creatively

It may take a while before you’re able to integrate digital marketing into your existing public relations campaign. Compared to a decade ago, there are now plenty of new jobs in almost every industry that didn’t exist back then. If you’ve always been interested in communications jobs in Malaysia, having the knowledge of digital marketing and public relations and knowing how to integrate them would be highly beneficial.

6 Essential Skin Care Products Asian Women Must Covet For Fairer Glowing Skin

Fair skin is all the rage in Asia no matter where you are, and it has been that way for years. Practically every Asian culture deems fair complexion to be a highly desirable trait, especially for women. Back then, women in various Asian cultures would go the extra miles just to have a fair skin, to the point of endangering themselves. Fortunately these days, Asian women no longer have to put themselves at risk with these six essential and non-invasive skin care products for fairer glowing skin:

Related image

  1. Whitening moisturizer. A whitening moisturizer that is formulated from vitamin B3 can make your skin looking brighter and fairer in a short time by penetrating the epidermal cells’ sub-layers. It not only helps against the damages of UV rays, it also effectively fights blemish marks, acne, and dark spots. Make sure to read the ingredient as some products may not be suitable for dry skin type.Image result for massage cream that helps to lighten the skin tone, refine the texture of your skin, tighten the pores, and stimulate circulation. Using a lightening massage cream frequent
  2. Lightening massage cream. Your skin deserves the proper tender loving care, so massage your skin, especially your face, as frequent as you can to encourage blood flow for better glow. Pick a massage cream that helps to lighten the skin tone, refine the texture of your skin, tighten the pores, and stimulate circulation. Using a lightening massage cream frequently will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.Image result for Lightening serum with women
  3. Lightening serum. For an instant radiant and healthy glow, opt for a lightening serum. The best ones are those that suit all skin types, comes in a pump bottle (which makes it more hygienic), has a pleasant smell, is alcohol and oil free, help with getting rid of sun tan, has a light and non-greasy texture, and is easily absorbed into your skin. Additionally, look for a lightening serum that prevents melanin production.Related image
  4. Fairness gel. Another safe skin lightening product you can use is fairness gel. Pick the oil-free ones that help with revitalizing cutaneous cells, preventing skin aging, and lightening skin pigmentation. For hygienic reasons, always purchase a product that comes in a pump bottle and is pocket-friendly. For those with dry skin, you may opt for the oil-based ones.
    Related image
  5. Pigmentation reducing cream. Another essential product to have in your skincare routine is a pigmentation reducing cream. The best ones should effectively reduce blemishes, acne scars, pigmentation, age spots, tanned lines, and dark spots. Pick the ones that also come in hygienic and travel-friendly packaging (i.e. tube packaging) as well as those that suits all skin types.Image result for Pigmentation reducing cream
  6. Whitening cream. The best whitening cream should be the ones that can last long throughout the day. Aside from evening your skin tone and making it fairer, an effective whitening cream can also provide protection against sun damages or other skin-related problems, lighten skin marks, prevent skin pigmentation formation, improve skin texture, and is suitable for all skin types.

If you’re going for a fairer, more glowing skin, it may take a while to see visible results depending on your skin type and tone. All in all, incorporate the product in your daily skin care routine for faster results. Make sure you properly follow the direction of each product you use. Sometimes, an overuse of whitening products can lead to serious skin damages and other skin-related issues. Prior to using any product, always consult with a dermatologist first, or ask him or her for a product recommendation.