Cement Your Foothold: Lasting Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial Epoxy

Heavy construction industries spend a great deal of money on facility maintenance or upkeep. One area that requires periodic inspection is the floor condition of the premises. If you notice, the floors take a beating because of the massive volume of traffic and frenetic business activity on a daily basis. Any cracks or holes can be hazardous to workers and can damage equipment as well.

You have no recourse but to find the ideal but economical solution to protect the working environment. Economical ways are available depending on the type of environment in your facility. Industrial grade commercial floor coatings have come a long way to serve various industries.

What Can Commercial Floor Coatings Do?

Different application environments need a floor coating system. The primary objective is to repair and restore damaged floors of factories, warehouses and service bays among others.

epoxy commercial in hospital used

What to Look For in a Floor Coating System?

Choose an established and reliable floor coating company that has the most suitable commercial floor coating system. You will derive savings and minimize maintenance cost if you pick high-quality products.

  1. Durability – resistant to fuels, oils, and other chemicals that cause damage.
  2. Safety – texture of the coating system should be slip-free or slip-resistant.
  3. Easy cleaning – ease in cleaning so you can save on time and energy.
  4. Economical – the true worth of the system should be more than the actual cost.
  5. Seamless – the system is not susceptible to gathering dust, moisture and mold       formation.

Different industrial flooring systems work perfectly well in particular environment and conditions. Let the experts in the business determine your floor and coating need. They are in the best position to design, create and install the most suitable commercial floor coatings.

The best thing about consulting an established professional company is that you can customize the system according to your actual need and work within your budget at the same time. Keeping your floor safe and secure allows you to cement your foothold in the industry you operate.

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Aluminium Sacrificial Anode: A Solution For Offshore Corrosion

Aluminium Sacrificial Anode A Solution For Offshore Corrosion


Although commonly known as “zincs,” sacrificial anodes also come in various alloys such as aluminum, magnesium, and zinc—though the latter is the most common. Each metal is specially designed to adapt different environments, but all sacrificial anodes are meant to serve one single purpose: to prevent and stop corrosion of underwater metals. These metals include propellers, rudderstocks, stainless-steel propeller shafts, and bronze through-hull fittings to mention a few. The sacrificial anode protects the metals, either directly or indirectly via the vessel’s bonding mechanism.







This allows the anodes to collide in place of the ship's systems and body

How Sacrificial Anodes Function to Prevent Marine Corrosion

In cathodic protection, pieces of metal (sacrificial anode) are joined electrically to the ship’s hull. The anodes are more reactive than the substance used for the ship’s systems and body. This allows the anodes to collide in place of the ship’s systems and body, ensuring the ship stays safe at all times when it’s offshore. Sacrificial anodes are also used in many other areas such as subsea structures, ballast, pipelines, dock gates and so on.







Aluminum anodes have a wide range of benefits

Advantages of Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes

Aluminum anodes have a wide range of benefits. First, they’re impervious to the calcareous coating menace, hence are best suited for use in seawater, brackish, and freshwater. Second, aluminum anodes add more of a punch as they usually last longer than zinc anodes of the same weight. And finally, they also provide a much effective, double protection layer than zinc most of the time. Much surprisingly, aluminum anodes are less expensive than zinc anodes and pose zero threat to the marine environment.


In summary, aluminum sacrificial anodes can be deployed effectively anywhere there are metal parts that are partially or fully submerged in seawater. This ensures the metal parts in those areas are protected against unpleasant marine corrosion that may be a great threat to marine vessels if left unsecured. When purchasing aluminum anodes, make sure to choose those that are high quality and meet rigorous military-specification standards. Aluminum anodes have an “A-24779” mark, so make sure to confirm this figure before placing any order to make your marine endeavors such an exciting experience.

6 Popular Places To Study Dentistry In Malaysia

Image result for study dentistry in malaysiaSome of the main tasks of a dentist include preventing, treating, and diagnosing conditions and diseases normally found in the mouth. A career in dentistry can be highly rewarding in Malaysia, but if you think studying for a dentistry degree is less rigorous than the other medical degrees, you’re mistaken! Learning dentistry can take you up to five years of completion and an additional three years for specialisation. So if you’ve got what it takes, check out these six most popular places to study for a dentistry degree in Malaysia.


  1. University of Malaya (UM)

Image result for University of Malaya (UM)The oldest educational institution in Malaysia, UM is on top of the list for those wanting to pursue dentistry in the country. UM currently offers nine dentistry courses with specialisations in dental public health, child dental health, oral and Maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine and oral pathology, periodontology, restorative dentistry in conservative dentistry, and restorative dentistry in prosthetics dentistry. They have a yearly intake in September, and the fee for the entire course ranges from RM 100,000 to RM 200,000.

  1. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Image result for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)Located in the small town of Bangi, UKM currently offers 10 dentistry courses with specialisations that include endodontology, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, periodontology, oral biology, and community dentistry. The yearly intake is usually in February. The fee per semester may range from RM 5,000 to RM 10,000 (including registration, student activities and other services).

  1. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Image result for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)Nestled on the idyllic island of Penang, USM currently offers 28 dentistry courses, with specialisations that include dental public health, community dentistry, dental implantology, oral biology, Maxillofacial surgery, orthodontic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and periodontics. The yearly intake for the courses is in September, and the fees per semester may range from RM 4,000 to RM 10,000.


  1. International Medical University (IMU)

Image result for International Medical University (IMU)The first private medical and healthcare university to be established in Malaysia, IMU currently offers Bachelor of Dental Surgery, taking in new students every February. The course is accredited by the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC), and has been rated Tier 4 out of 6 by the Education Ministry (for the Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy category). As a student, you’ll be able to transfer IMU’s partner universities in New Zealand and Australia. The estimated fee for the entire course is RM 600,000. There are scholarships being offered for the programme.

  1. SEGi University (SEGi)

Image result for SEGi University (SEGi)Another favorite private university to offer a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, SEGi takes in new students every September at its main campus in Kota Damansara. They have a Mentor-Mentee programme that includes a small group of nine students and a lecturer to have academic discussions. The estimated fee for the entire course is RM 300,000.

  1. Penang International Dental College (PIDC)

Related imageAnother university based in Penang, PIDC takes in new students every March and September. Its Bachelor of Dental Surgery has been accredited by the MDC, with an estimated fee of RM 300,000 (for the entire course). There are scholarships being offered for the programme.

The basic requirements and qualifications for a Malaysian dentistry degree is that you need to achieve a minimum of AAC/ABC/BBB in maths or physics, chemistry, and biology if you have an STPM. For those applying with a Foundation in Science (from any matriculation), a minimum CGPA of 3.00 in maths or physics, chemistry, and biology is needed.   If you’re interested to pursue a career in dentistry, you can explore more opportunities that come with a dentistry degree in Malaysia. Some of the fields within this line of work that you can consider specialising in include restorative dentistry, dental public health, oral medicine and oral pathology, periodontology, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery.

3 Top Benefits Of Being A Google Apps Partner

Google Apps resellers and partners provide a wide range of services that can be beneficial even to the most highly-experienced IT admins. These services range from initial migrations, tailored development, client training, full-time support and more. Therefore, becoming an actual Google Apps partner can dramatically improve your company’s experience with other different business apps, thus preparing you to be successful after migration.


Here are three top benefits you can enjoy for becoming a Google Apps partner.

  1. Enhanced migration expertise. More likely the most rewarding benefit you’ll ever acquire as a partner is the Google Apps migration expertise you gain from the company. Many partners have successfully conducted thousands of migrations to Google Apps. They can also easily manage to take all the pressure of performing a complete scale migration off any IT department.
  1. Extensive user training. Each partner is enrolled in various training programs so that they can become competent in their field. It’s vital for every partner to learn how to use Google Docs, Slides and Sheets effectively. They must also be familiar with everything about Google Drive, as this would make their services appeal more to clients. They would also be able to create a large user base. Eventually, there would be a significant number of users using Google Apps platform, which is essential for the company’s growth and reputation.
  1. Tailored application development and third-party product recommendations. If you’re shifting to Google Apps and have a custom application you want to maintain as your side server, Google allows you to do so. Google gives you the opportunity to recreate any application on their platform using their personalized Apps Script or App Engine. Although this can be a bit expensive, moving your apps to the cloud can leave your IT department with zero maintenance. You can easily negotiate a fair migration price from any reseller.

Every time you’re working with Google as their apps partner or reseller you’re sure to get high-quality service. This is because Google Apps resellers and partners are a pivotal part of the ecosystem and platform’s growth. To become a partner is easy, all you have to do is visit Google’s Partner Directory and subscribe to become a Google Apps partner. But before you get started, above are some top benefits of becoming a partner you might want to take into consideration.

5 Basic Things You Need To Know About Ventilation And Air Conditioning System

There’s nothing like a refreshing respite of an air-conditioned room after being out in the sun. If you’ve been thinking about installing the system, find out the five basic things you need to know about ventilation and air conditioning system below.

It’s best to do as much research as possible when planning to install ventilation and air conditioning system

  1. Adequate ventilation

The ideal air-conditioner should be able to dehumidify, humidify, ventilate, clean, cool, and heat as needed for comfort and health. It’s recommended that to exchange the dirty air indoor every four hours, adequate ventilation is required. Buy mechanical ventilation if the building doesn’t have proper ventilation.

  1. Increase energy efficiency

To increase the energy efficiency of your air-conditioner, always remember to clean the coils, keep the right airflow and charge, and replace dirty filters. Additionally, make sure the condenser unit has no blocked airflow that will lead to clogging. For hot and dry climates, check out the Energy Efficiency Rating of the air-conditioner to determine how good the system will function.

  1. Perform routine maintenanceYou’ll know if you require a professional service when the air-conditioner is no longer producing cold air as it should.

Some regular maintenance can easily be performed by consumers, like changing filters, while professional service can do the others. Bottom line, always drain out and brush any obstruction from the air-conditioner’s coils, like dirt. You’ll know if you require a professional service when the air-conditioner is no longer producing cold air as it should.

  1. Dealing with blocked or reduced airflow

If you’re sensing that the system’s airflow has been blocked or reduced, it’s an indication that you need to change the filter. The filter’s primary function is to remove air particles and keep your AC system clean, but once in a while it also needs to be cleaned.

  1. Not enough cold air produced

When such thing happens, check whether there’s a duct leakage. This is important to prevent a high percentage of energy being sapped. You can either insulate the duct yourself (there are various products for it) or get a professional service.

It’s best to do as much research as possible when planning to install ventilation and air conditioning system. Make sure your building has adequate ventilation, and when looking for the most efficient air-conditioner, be sure to check its Energy Efficiency Rating first, especially if you live in hot and dry climates like Malaysia.

5 Recommended International Boarding Schools in Malaysia

Image result for international boarding schools are the best optionFor a lot of Malaysians and expatriate parents, international boarding schools are the best option for educating their children. An international boarding school boasts a competitive curriculum and strong values that are sought after. Because of the steep tuition and boarding fee for international boarding schools, education is seen as an investment for the future of their children. With the many options available in Malaysia, to make your decisions more clear, check out this list of 5 recommended boarding schools that will surely return your investment in education.

Prince of Wales International School

Image result for Prince of Wales International SchoolThe Prince of Wales International School may be one of the newest boarding school in Malaysia, but it has become a reputable institution. Prince of Wales International School merges both traditional English Boarding School education with modern sensibilities. Students are taught towards IGCSE and A-Level Examinations. The school aims towards not only teaching within the classroom but learning through culture and extracurricular activities.

International School of Penang

Image result for International School of PenangThe International School of Penang is the most diverse with over 42 nationalities represented within the student body and staff. Students are taught towards an IGCSE and IB Diploma and are nurtured to be globally minded citizens through a focus on heritage, globalization and academic excellence.

Epsom College

Image result for Epsom CollegeWith a 50 acre campus located in Bandar Enstek, Epsom College teaches a UK-based curriculum with a truly British boarding schools experience. While at Epsom, students are brought into a family environment fostering belonging and community. Academically, Epsom College teaches curricula towards IGCSE and A-Level Examination.

Marlborough College Malaysia

Image result for Marlborough College MalaysiaMarlborough College Malaysia is located in the rapidly developing EduCity in Iskandar, Johor. Boasting an excellent reputation in sports education and performing arts as well as academics, students at Marlborough College Malaysia are taught towards an IB World Accreditation via an English National Curriculum. Students are housed on a beautiful 90-acre campus.

Nexus International School

Image result for Nexus International School in malaysiaNoted as the most technologically innovative boarding schools in Malaysia, Nexus International School in Putrajaya incorporates the use of technology and digital education towards IGCSE and IB Diploma. For those seeking digital teaching styles, Nexus is Malaysia’s first Apple Distinguished School.

With the multitude of options available, it can be hard to decide on which school to invest in. Check out one of these five recommended international boarding schools in Malaysia that are worth sending your children to. Begin with this article and set up appointments with the school to learn more.

More of a Man – What You Should Know About Penis Enlargement

Related imageAccording to statistics, the average erect penis measures anywhere between 5 and 6 inches in length, and 4 to 5 inches in circumference. A flaccid penis could measure at just about 3 inches, however there is significant variation in these numbers from man to man.

Regardless of whether or not a man falls within these “average” parameters, the long-standing belief that bigger is better may urge a man to seek methods to increase his size. From pills, to pumps, and even strange massage techniques, countless ways to enhance penis size have been circulated and attempted by numerous men. However to this day, none of these prove to be as effective as penis enlargement surgery.

Learn the particulars of this procedure and find out if you’re a fit by reading through this comprehensive guide.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Image result for What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?As the name implies, penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that aims to increase the size of an individual’s penis by surgical means. The process can be performed in a multitude of ways, often depending on the specific size, shape, and situation of the individual undergoing the procedure.

On average, a penis enlargement treatment could increase flaccid penis size by 1-2 inches, and erect penis size by 1 inch.

How Does It Work?

There are several ways that a doctor can surgically improve penis size. For instance, in some men, the scrotum lies higher up on the shaft, thus making it seem like the penis is shorter than it actually is. By cutting away some of the tissue that connects the scrotum on the length of the shaft, doctors can reveal more of the penis to make it look longer.

There are also some penis enlargement procedures that entail inserting two tubes into the genitals to increase the size. This is more commonly performed on patients who are much more significantly lacking in length. The procedure is said to increase size by up to 2 inches.

Ultimately, the method by which the doctor recommends to increase penis size will depend on the specific patient. An in-depth examination before finalizing the procedure will help you and your doctor settle on the best course of action for your case.

Am I Eligible for the Procedure?

Not everyone qualifies for a penis enlargement surgery. Because doctors usually want what’s in their patient’s best interest, you shouldn’t expect your surgeon to give you the go signal as soon as you ask for the treatment.

Individuals that might not be suited for the procedure are:

  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Those with keloid disorder
  • Individuals who are currently taking maintenance medications for any sort of condition
  • Patients who do not objectively require the procedure

While doctors want all their patients to experience the comfort and confidence that may come with a substantially sized male organ, those who have sizable penises might put themselves at risk with the procedure. It’s the reason some doctors might suggest against it.

Are There Risks?

Image result for Are There Risks?As with any other surgical procedure, there are risks to undergoing penis enlargement surgery. These include nerve damage, decreased sensation, and erectile difficulties. Fortunately however, only 3% of the procedures develop these post-op complications because of the general precision with which the treatment is performed.

Penis enlargement surgery is definitely a potential solution for anyone seeking a way to boost their confidence and overall satisfaction. Just be sure to know all the facts before you go under the knife to truly understand what the process entails.

3 Creative Tips For Keeping Food Fresh In Warm And Humid Climates

Taking proper food storage measures is among the top priorities you can make to keep your family healthy and ensure food is fresh and safe for use. However, you may have special challenges to deal with in case you live in a warm and humid climate zone. These areas are inundated with severe heat, light, oxygen, and moisture – the four arch-enemies of food storage. In this case, it’s important to be aware of some effective food storage mechanisms that can store your perishable foods safely and for a long time.


Below are some useful ways people can store food in warm and humid climate zones.


  1. Vacuum seal foods

food-sealedVacuum-sealing food plays a huge role in dehydrating your food and sucking all the air out of it. This takes care of all the moisture that may become a potential threat to foods if left unguarded. Invest in a good and quality vacuum sealer to keep foods fresh in the long-term. A low-quality vacuum sealer will only hurt you in the long run since the benefits acquired last for a short time. This leaves your foods to spoil and waste away eventually. The best choices of foods to vacuum seal are fruits and vegetables, although beans and rice work just fine.


  1. Can foods

food-shelf-canned.208190520_stdTraditional canning, such as storing foods in mason jars, is among the best and ancient food preservation techniques people still practice today. Pressure canners allow you to keep a wider range of foods, compared to the conventional water bathing canning because it seals foods at a higher temperature. In fact, this food storage method works great in warm and humid places and for foods you want to store for a very long time. Other great substitutes of food cans are grade buckets and glass jar since they prevent light, oxygen, and moisture from destroying foods.


  1. Freeze food

tips-for-freezing-food_01-e1437511320832Many people nowadays use this technique a lot to keep food fresh and safe at all times inside their homes. You are not required to remove the air, but you may be forced to vacuum seal food to prevent unpleasant freezer burn. Light and moisture are nothing to be scared about; the fridge handles this issue very well.

The only major setback of using this food storage method is that most refrigerating systems are much expensive than most storage techniques. They also require electricity to operate and keep foods fresh altogether. However, with the integration of a thermal imager, you can dramatically cut energy costs and also optimize temperature measurements quickly. This way, you’re sure your food will always stay fresh longer.


Perishable foods are likely to go to waste fast if their food storage is inadequate or not apt. Especially if you live in warm and humid climate zones, practicing proper food storage techniques is crucial. These places contain a lot of heat and moisture that cause mold, botulism and rot on food which results in spoiling and throwing away of foods. Wondering how you can keep food fresher and longer under such tough and fatal horizons? Follow the fantastic tips shared in this guide to ensure you store perishable foods safely in warm and humid climates.

5 Smart Reasons To Take A Business Course That Will Serve You Well In Life

money-mattersA lot of Malaysians are under the impression that taking a business course in Malaysia is the last resort for those who have no solid direction in their career plans. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are five smart reasons as to why you should take up a business course. Not only will the skills you gain serve you well in your career, but your life would also be better:


  1. Project and resource management

A solid foundation in managing projects and resources is very useful when you enter the workforce. No matter what type of work you find yourself in, you’ll be expected to manage projects thrown your way and manage the resources at your disposal as wisely as you can to save cost. Most companies aim for projects done with the least amount of costs incurred, so being able to handle them right will definitely serve you well.


  1. The ability to understand, interpret, and use financial data

Plenty of people gets nervous when faced with numerical data and processing them as there are a lot to digest. It takes a special skill to be able to do so on such short notice. In a business course, you’ll learn how to understand, interpret, and use financial data from the get-go. The more you’re used to it, the more advantage you’ll have over other employees.


  1. Develop critical thinking skills

Whether in your career or your life, critical thinking skills such as logical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, and analytical thinking all play a huge role in determining how successful your career and life will be. Not everyone has the capacity and the chance to develop such skills. The more you learn how to, the more valuable and useful you’ll be in any situation.


  1. The ability to understand economic fluctuations Economic stability and other external changes that affect businesses are not something that is easily understood by the public in general. It takes experts and learned individuals to be able to comprehend the situation and what they can predict to save their businesses. You can avoid many financial damages to your company if you have some understanding of this.


  1. Become more skillful in presentation and report writing

In any line of work, you’ll be expected to present your ideas, thoughts, or any other issues to your co-workers or clients, as well as put them into writing. A business course will require you to do more of them, which makes you more skillful once you enter the workforce.


A typical business course in Malaysia normally puts a lot of emphasis on entrepreneurship, combined with other useful subjects such as marketing, finance, and accounting. Even if you’re not into building your own business, you could use these transferable skills to work in sales, marketing, teaching, or practically any department where your knowledge would come in handy.

5 Fun Pubs In Kota Kinabalu For Booze Lovers

Traveling to Kota Kinabalu or KK? If you need your fix of Jack and Jameson in the capital city of Sabah, there are a few pubs and bars that are definitely worth the visit if you’re up for some drinking in KK. Check them out:


  1. The Shamrock Irish

Irish travelers to KK would instantly feel at home at The Shamrock Irish due to its interior decoration, which resembles a typical Irish pub complete with live music. Boozes include Kilkenny, Heineken, Guinness, and more.  Address: Lot 6, Waterfront, Anjung Samudra, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen


  1. M – Cubed

M – Cubed is the place to be for a lively atmosphere. The beer towers are popular among drinkers, who can also enjoy a good session of karaoke or play pool at the table. The establishment also has one of the best sound systems.    Address: Block A, A8-G, Jalan Penampang Bypass


  1. Monaco Pub

Prefer to party at somewhere a little more private and exclusive? Head on down to the Monaco Pub. The happening place often held great parties including Halloween and New Year, with guest DJs and signature cocktails to look forward to.  Address: Lot 98 Lintas Plaza Phase 2C, Jalan Lintas


  1. Shenanigan’s

Another pub that resembles a typical Irish pub, Shenanigan’s is a favorite among local drinkers as well as travelers and is one of the most popular pubs. The best thing about the pub is that it’s facing the sea, which gives you a great view while you enjoy your drinks.   Address: Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Jalan Datuk Salleh Sulong


  1. Sky Blue Bar

For the best view in town while you drink the night away, get over to the Hotel Grandis rooftop. The sunset view is to die for, with plenty of signature cocktails, beers and wine to choose from.   Address: Hotel Grandis Rooftop, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen


Drinking in KK is a lot more fun on the weekends, with plenty of pubs and bars organizing themed nights and other fun activities to look forward to. Whatever kind of alcohol or brand you’re looking to drink, the pubs offer plenty of different choices for booze lovers.