7 Types of People You’ll Encounter in a Malaysian Gym

Gyms are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. With the trend of looking good and feeling good, hundreds are signing up for gym memberships from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. You may be wondering about who you’ll meet when you join a gym. The gym doesn’t only contain gym-buffs but all types of people trying to look and feel good. Here are seven types of people you can encounter in a Malaysian gym.


  1. The Hulk

Often similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger in size and stature, the token Hulk in every gym is attire too tight to contain their bulging muscles and lifting ten times the weights you lift. The Hulk’s favorite drink is a protein shake before and after they workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. The Socializer

Always chirping away while brisk walking on the treadmill or elliptical machine, the socializer exchanges diet tips and weekend plans with gym-goers. At the end of the day, the socializer is friends with and knows everyone in the gym.

The Socializer


  1. The Beginner

Often working out with a personal trainer, the Beginner just started pumping iron to reach a new body goal or New Year’s resolution. You can see the beginner researching for the right techniques on their smartphones.


  1. The Victoria Secret Model

The Victoria Secret Model is the girl who even after a long and sweaty workout looks fabulous. No amount of sweat will ruin the shine of her hair or the glow of her skin; it only makes her look better.

The Victoria Secret Model


  1. The Coach

The Coach is the go-to guy in the gym who knows the right techniques and does workouts by-the-book. He’s the one you go to if you need advice on a new workout or diet.

The Coach


  1. The Experimenter

The Experimenter likes to try workout techniques; infusing basic gym workout with CrossFit or Yoga among other workouts to come up with an effective yet experimental non-routine workout.


  1. The Lurker

There’s always somebody in the gym who’s coasting on a rest bench, using the Wi-Fi or bopping to the gym playlist; these are the lurkers. The Lurker works out half the time in the gym, and the other half just hangs out in the gym to talk or bask in the cold air.


The gym contains all types of people. It can be a great place to observe and find a gym buddy. Who knows? Maybe after a few months, you’re one of the types of people found in the gym.

How The Rich Get Richer: Financial Wisdom From The World’s Richest People

It’s always advisable to start young in any field you would want to excel in, but it is never really too late for anybody to try for success. Just like in any career, each of us needs inspiration, a mentor, or someone to look up to perceive the greatness you want to achieve.

Knowing is half the battle, and although you have the skills and talents to be a self-made millionaire, advice can help you better yourself. There are also tips worth learning especially if it’s from the people who went out there, did it, and succeeded. Here are the most well-known and best financial advice from the world’s leading money-making minds.

  1. Billionaires Stick to Budget

Most millionaires, and billionaires, still stick to a budget plan. They still live below their means as to not touch the money they are making as much as possible, for that is how they save up the money to millions. Warren Buffet once said that he doesn’t like toys because at some point they will become a pain in the neck. Yachts and cars are actually considered as distractions and mere luxuries by most of the world’s richest.

  1. Be Your Own BossA great percentage of the world richest are bosses of their own businesses by using wealth management tools by OCBC Bank

Although a bit played out advice to some, to most millionaires it is a classic mantra. A great percentage of the world richest are bosses of their own businesses, people who recognized different demands in different fields and created their own jobs. So it is important to keep an eye out for the area you want to build a career in and look to innovate.

  1. Look Out for the Long Run

As Timothy Sykes, a self-made millionaire once said, long term goals are great motivators in building a career and climbing the ladder. Having several short term goals are great if they are used to create your path to your long-term goals. Set a goal early and keep straight at it. Proper management of your money and property is key. To make it easier for you, use tools such as wealth management products by OCBC to monitor your finances.

  1. Risk for PotentialMan building leader leading to sky --- Image by © C.J. Burton/Corbis

Wealth building, just like anything in like, takes a bit of strength and confidence to take risks and get greater rewards. Gary Heavin, a college dropout by 20 and a millionaire just five years later, firmly believes this. One must be comfortable with the uncertainties that they might face, and adjust to rapid change as told by QR Pharma President, Maria Maccecchini. Surely, no one wins big by betting small.

  1. Be Debt Free

Mark Cuban, a newspaper boy who went on to persevere and now owns the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, reminds us to pay debts first before anything else to be truly free to grow. He states that being debt free is worth more than any amount of money that you will earn.

These are just some of the best financial tips and career advice from the experts. Remember that success alone is not guaranteed, so it would be advisable to get professional help too. So keep these things in mind, arm yourself with proper knowledge and take the world by storm in no time.

The Best Tools for More Enjoyable Camping Trips

The Best Tools for More Enjoyable Camping Trips


We all need a little break sometimes. Whether you want to escape the busy city life, or the hectic days inside your own home, taking a breather surrounded by nature and all it has to offer could be just the remedy you need. Whether it’s up in the mountains, near the beach, or amidst the grassy plains, camping can be quite therapeutic and relaxing.

So what makes it even more enjoyable? Well, nature exploration is about preparation. Aside from the usual tips to bring emergency kits and to carry an ESD box, some items might give you a more memorable camping experience. These are some of the things guaranteed to make your camping experience better.







Starting with probably the most necessary item on the list

  1. Lightweight Hiking Backpacks


Starting with probably the most necessary item on the list, hiking backpacks are better than your usual bags because they come with functional pockets and support. Also taking pride in durability and usefulness, a good hiking backpack can prove to be of high effectiveness when it comes to carrying multiple items in longer time spans.







action cameras are smaller, more durable

  1. Action Cameras


In the modern age of hiking, bringing action cameras in your trips adds fun to the experience. However, unlike some cameras that can be fragile in nature, action cameras are smaller, more durable, and sometimes lasts longer than most. Record your hike and never fear about getting wet in the rain, or hitting a couple of small branches while you’re at it.







Probably one of the most useful tools of the trade when it comes to camping

  1. Swiss Army Knives


Probably one of the most useful tools of the trade when it comes to camping, the multi-purpose knife is hailed by many as the most versatile knife ever. With various uses such as can opening, corkscrew, cutting, and many others, this knife will surely bring you the much-needed efficiency you need in your camping.







As we have mentioned earlier, camping is about being prepared

  1. Strike Anywhere Matches


As we have mentioned earlier, camping is about being prepared. So carrying strike anywhere matches can be a great trick up your sleeve when the situation asks for it. When you lose the use of your lighters, matches will be there to save the day.







the nights can be darker than usual

  1. LED Camping Lights


In the middle of the wilderness, the nights can be darker than usual. This is where LED camping lanterns come in, with lights bright enough to guide you, or scare away animals in the vicinity.



These are just some of the essentials that you might need to have a more enjoyable trip. So pack your essentials, bring these along with you, and explore what the world has to offer.

5 Tools That Will Exponentially Increase Your Productivity At Work

TCollaboration and productivity are the primary drivers in modern day businesses, regardless of industry. Whether you work for a corporation or on your own, there are plenty of tools that you can use to increase your productivity at work exponentially. Try out these five productivity tools for work:1

  1. Hubstaff

If you or your employees’ productivity is declining, it may be time to use Hubstaff, a time tracking software with employee payroll system, internet and app monitoring, screenshots, plus thirty other integrations to boost work productivity and output. It’s especially perfect for monitoring remote teams.2

  1. LastPass

Ditch your unsecured notebook and use LastPass to save all your passwords in one place. LastPass is a password manager that stores all of your sensitive information online, which includes credit card info and passwords. It’s free to use, and extension is available for your browser.3

  1. Buffer

Perfect for handling social media, Buffer eases your life and work by scheduling posts on different social media platform way ahead of publishing time. It enables you to maximize your social media presence by integrating apps which include Instapaper and SocialBro, plus extensions for Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.4

  1. Trello

Trello is so intuitive and flexible that the collaboration tool is used to perform basic tasks, from grocery shopping by individuals to project management by high-growth businesses. The tool allows you to create boards with different assigned tasks. It’s easy and fluid especially if you’re working on a project with a few people and would like to update the progress regularly.5

  1. Chrome for Work

Chrome browser for businesses or Chrome for Work is your solution to efficiently manage and deploy the browser within your company while securing your business’s data as well as your employees’ safe. It enables you and anyone at your company to use a broad range of business workflow, collaboration, and productivity applications like Office 365 or G Suite.

Increasing your work productivity will be made easier with the help of productivity tools like the ones recommended. Whichever tool you choose, the safety of your company and your employees need to be considered as well. Make sure access to sensitive info like passwords is restricted.

Using Cathodic Protection Systems To Prevent Corrosion On Metal Structures


Using Cathodic Protection Systems To Prevent Corrosion On Metal Structures

In all manner of metallic structures and vehicles that are regularly exposed to water and aquatic environments, eventually, without protection and maintenance, such metallic structures begin to corrode. They rust away as the metal is chemically converted into oxide, hydroxide, and sulfur elements due to oxygen and saltwater exposure.

And corrosion is the last thing you want on such a structure or vehicle, for you depend on such a thing to function adequately for your own safety. A corroded structure or vehicle is an unstable danger to all who are in or on it. Structural integrity is compromised, and safety is not guaranteed.







One such method of protection is called Cathodic Protection

  Cathodic Protection – What Is It And How Does It Work?


But, there exist safe, dependable, and easy methods of controlling or preventing corrosion from happening. One such method of protection is called Cathodic Protection, also called an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System or ICCP System for short. Cathodic Protection protects metallic structures and vehicles from corrosion by controlling said corrosion.



To do this, it makes the surface of the metal a cathodic electrochemical cell. What this means is that an electric current is charged through the metal in a certain fashion, making the surface electrically polarized. This changes the properties of the metal into that of an electrochemical cell.


An electrochemical cell is a device that can either use chemical reactions to generate electrical energy or use electrical energy to create and facilitate chemical reactions. This latter explanation is how Cathodic Protection protects metallic structures from corrosion and explains the term Impressed Current in the term ICCP system.







Since corrosion is a chemical process by which atoms in the air and water bond with the electrons in the metal and oxidize it

  To Wrap Things Up


Since corrosion is a chemical process by which atoms in the air and water bond with the electrons in the metal and oxidize it, (creating rust) this protects the metal from corrosion by introducing electrons using an electric current to bond with the atoms in the air or water, instead of the metal. This preserves the metal’s electrons from being stolen in the process of a chemical reaction by substituting them with electrons from an electric current.

Fun Uses For PU Foams Around The House

 Fun Uses For PU Foams Around The House

PU foam, also known as Polyurethane, is a versatile material that’s frequently found in a wide variety of everyday household items and machinery. Polyurethane has many uses, such as adding more comfort in items designed for human relaxation. It’s also usually used in modeling tires for heavy machinery and cutting emissions due to its insulating potential. It has other fun uses around the house too, such as the ones described below.






Imagine how pathetic life would be if your bed mattress were filled with rocks instead of polyurethane foam

 1) Maximize Furniture Comfort


Imagine how pathetic life would be if your bed mattress were filled with rocks instead of polyurethane foam. Or you tried chilling in a sofa that’s stuffed with nails for cushion. Of course, there are some other alternatives you could try, like stuffing your furniture with materials like feathers and cotton. But doesn’t this mean that you would be hunting down birds all day? Polyurethane makes tasks more fun and easier, and that’s why it’s the best material for making sofas, beds, pillows, and amongst other furniture. It’s also both more comfortable and durable than other materials, to say the least.







Many houses and offices use polyurethane foams for insulation purposes

2) Beautify Home and Office Interior


Many houses and offices use polyurethane foams for insulation purposes. Because the material is easy to mold and cut, it serves as the perfect tool for creating stunning shapes and statues. You can even use it to create other interesting things of interest that would enhance the decor of any room.







Acoustic foam is crafted from a blend of both polyurethane foam and melamine

3) Intensify Sound Management


Acoustic foam is crafted from a blend of both polyurethane foam and melamine. This combination and molded shapes make it easy to absorb sound and minimize noise. Since it’s lightweight and easy to cut, you can place it on ceilings and walls and transform any room into a quiet workspace. Many theaters, offices, and warehouses are sealed with the foam for maximum use.







u can use polyurethane foam spray to create bizarre works of art in a space around your house

4) Create Stunning Works of Art


If you’re a big fan of art, you can use polyurethane foam spray to create bizarre works of art in a space around your house. Maybe you can even reserve it as a centerpiece to showcase to guests when they visit your home. Or perhaps you can simply sell it to the highest bidder that loves your piece. In other words, PU foam is among the most versatile materials anyone can find, and its real uses around the house stretch far beyond our imagination.



You may not know, but many stuff around your house are packed with a lot of polyurethane foam inside. Whether used to serve common purposes or for fun and comfort purposes, you have to admit PU foams do an excellent job. Besides, they’re lightweight, soft, and easy to cut which means you can fit them anywhere you like seamlessly.

5 Things You Never Knew About Rolex Watches

5 Things You Never Knew About Rolex Watches


Rolex watches are definitely one of the most famous watches worldwide due to its quality and excellence. In Malaysia, these watches may be bought in many authorized and official dealers from RM 4,800.00 or higher depending on the model.


If you are interested in having your own Rolex watch, you may find it more fascinating to know the following fun facts about it which you probably haven’t heard of yet:







This isn’t so surprising considering the success Rolex watches have achieved over time

  1. Rolex watches are made out of the best materials


This isn’t so surprising considering the success Rolex watches have achieved over time. But the materials that the company uses include a metal grade known as 904L. This metal consists of higher nickel and chromium content compared to the metal grade used to make regular watches. This material allows Rolex watches to be more resistant in deeper water areas—a characteristic which they are commonly known for.







Atelier d'assemblage montres Rolex

  1. Rolex watches are handmade


Although important parts are still being built through machines, Rolex watches are still being made and assembled by skillful Swiss hands.







The company is the first to introduce a watch made for saturation divers also known as the Sea-Dweller

  1. Rolex was the first to introduce a watch with a helium gas escape valve


The company is the first to introduce a watch made for saturation divers also known as the Sea-Dweller. The said watch contains a helium valve that allows helium molecules to be released throughout saturated compression.







The Rolex watch sold for $1.16 million dollars is known as the 1942 Rolex Chronograph

  1. The most expensive Rolex watch was sold for $1.16 Million


The Rolex watch sold for $1.16 million dollars is known as the 1942 Rolex Chronograph. This watch contains silver dials and over 15 jewels. It was sold for the said price at an auction and is believed to be one of the eight same watches to exist.







It was not a watch company as it is now

  1. Rolex was founded in London


Although Rolex is a Swiss company, it has begun in London. It was not a watch company as it is now, but rather a company that assembled watches.


The success of the Rolex watch can be attributed to the quality, material, and credibility of its artisans. It may also drill a hole in your pocket, but considering its durability; you will definitely get your money’s worth. If you are interested in having your own, you may buy Rolex in Malaysia and you will surely not regret as the quality and name of this watch has been tested by time and hard odds.

3 Awesome Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting Your Dream Job

Apart from featuring a plethora of scenic places, Kota Kinabalu is also known as a commercial and industrial center of Sabah, Malaysia. This means that you can find many great opportunities in this city. Some of the hottest jobs in Kota Kinabalu include retail assistants, IT personnel, hotel managers, and more.

When you are currently on the lookout for job vacancies in Kota Kinabalu, you have to take the time to prepare for opportunities in your field of expertise properly. Here are three clever ways to help you boost your chances of getting your dream job:


  1. Assess your resume and make necessary revisions

You have to invest in a good resume. Look closely at your existing resume and make necessary revisions to match the specific requirements of the job you are applying for. Remember to make your resume organized, simple, and clear. Also, you have to come up with a cover letter that will help you get the job. The trick is to veer away from a generic cover letter.


  1. Show that you have an in-depth knowledge about the company

It is crucial to do your research about the company a day before your set interview schedule. Your employer will surely be impressed if you can show them that you know a lot about their business. It can also help if you can convince them that your skills can contribute to growing the firm even further.


  1. Dress for the job you want

Make sure that you dress the part by making yourself look as professional and presentable as possible. Instead of wearing jeans and a t-shirt, be sure to wear a nice clothing and shoes. Moreover, you need to tidy up your hair to impress your interviewer.


When you are applying for a job, chances are you are up against a tight competition. Even if the employer calls you for an interview, this does not necessarily mean that you will get the job that you are eyeing for. Using the tips above can help you get noticed by the employer and stand out from the crowd.

Are Malaysian Offices Too Cold? Why This Could Pose a Health Problem

TAs the world gets hotter each year, people adapt to weather changes by making their indoor places cooler. Malaysia has been one of those countries that are continuously improving their ventilation and air conditioning system through the years. However, exposure to an excessively cold workplace for a long time might impose certain health risks that are sometimes neglected. This condition is what you call cold stress.

What is Cold Stress?

Stress is not only due to a particular time, person, or situation, but also due to temperature. Anyone exposed to excessively cold environments, particularly in workplaces, is at risk of having cold stress. When the temperature drops, your body’s heat goes down simultaneously. And, below normal body heat can cause certain illnesses. Here are the some of the conditions that cold stress may cause:1

  1. Hypothermia

Exposure to cold temperature will cause your body to abnormally lose heat more than it could generate. Age, body type, and sex are some of the factors that affect the production of body heat. Low body temperature inhibits the person to think clearly or move freely. Shivering, confusion and loss of coordination are the early signs of hypothermia. So if you are starting to experience these symptoms, that might be a signal for you to go outside and have a little dose of heat.2

  1. Frostbite

Sometimes, frostbites are associated with an injury in places with snow. Unfortunately, frostbites can happen even in the convenience of your homes and workplaces. Caused mainly by freezing, frostbite is a loss of color and sensation on the affected areas. Nose, cheeks, chin, ears, toes, and fingers are the common frostbite affected areas. Reduced blood flow to body parts, tingling, numbness, and bluish discoloration are the signs and symptoms of frostbite. It’s not all the time you will never be bothered by the cold.3

  1. Frostnip

Commonly affects the skin and fingertips, like frostbites, frostnips can cause bluish discoloration and numbness but in a mild severity. The color and sensation will return to normal once exposed to heat.

Having a cool environment is good, but too much of it can cause adverse health effects. Therefore, it is important to assure that the ventilation and air conditioning system at a workplace is properly set at the right temperature.

3 Simple Tips About How to Explore Kuala Lumpur Using Only Public Trains

Perhaps you have been planning a lovely trip to Kuala Lumpur, which many people like to refer to simply as KL. As the capital of Malaysia, it’s a perpetual bustling and exciting city. Well, with over eight million people residing within the region of KL, you will surely notice that there are large amounts of traffic. But this should not discourage you from visiting Kuala Lumpur.

In this article, we share three helpful tips so that you will be able to navigate the city of Kuala Lumpur easily by using only public trains.


  1. Take advantage of the excellent system of public transportation

The reality is that there are a lot of transportation means in KL. Surely there are a variety of options to get you from your hotel to wherever you need to go. The transportation choices include taxis, buses, metro, and trains. And there is public transportation that will connect you from Kuala Lumpur to the other main cities of Malaysia as well. What’s more, they’re pretty reliable regarding punctuality and comfort. Talking about efficiency, using the trains of the light rail network is much more cost efficient compared to renting a car. Although a rented car can provide more flexibility in your travel plans, the trains will save you from being trapped in a traffic jam. You’ll be able to save a lot of time (and stress) to truly enjoy your stay.


  1. Every corner of KL is reachable by public transportation

Because Kuala Lumpur is the center of Malaysia, this means that there are a lot of exciting things to do. There is a wide selection of amazing attractions, which include Merdeka Square, Petronas Twin Towers, Chinatown, numerous large shopping centers and lots of dining options as well. The good news is that the public trains can take you to many places. The trains can take you to most of the touristic locations in Kuala Lumpur since every corner of the city is reachable by public transportation. Therefore, you should not feel stranded when you use the public trains of Kuala Lumpur to get around.


  1. You’ll easily find maps to help you navigate

At each of the light rail transit stations, you will see that there are visibly displayed, large-sized maps that will indicate to you the destinations. This will help you be informed about how to map out your journey: where you want to go and what you want to see and do. And for your convenience, you will be happy to know that there is a KTM train schedule online. So it’s easy to prepare your itinerary before you step out of your hotel.


Yes, it will be worth it to visit Kuala Lumpur to get away from the busyness and stresses of life. Enjoy yourself there, knowing that the public trains will be a good source of reliable transportation to get you to your various destinations about the city.