Beginner’s Guide to Making Gold in World of Warcraft for New Players


New players often wonder how to get gold so they can buy gear and other items for their character in the World of Warcraft game. There are a few ways for new players to make gold quickly. First, there are a few things new players should not do before we get into what they should do.

Leveling with Vendor Gear 
There is so much loot that will drop on the ground including items that you’ll need as a new player. Instead of buying a white item from a vendor, make sure that the items you’re looting aren’t good for your character before you sell them. After you’ve checked all the items, sell them for the copper and silver you’ll receive.

Don’t Buy from the Auction House 
While some players advise that you shouldn’t look at the auction house until you’re maximum level, you can buy gear quickly there if you’re looking to enter a certain dungeon or raid. Otherwise, you should only use the auction house to sell your items.

Selling Items 
As a new player, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll pick up gear or items that will sell very well on the auction house except when it comes to materials that other people will use in their professions. Cloth can be a great item to sell on the auction house, but you should be sure you understand the rates before placing items there.

For the first 10 or 15 levels, you’ll be in the open world questing to gain experience. This is how you’ll earn copper, silver and gold. Quest rewards can be good items for your character, but if not, you should sell them to a vendor to gain the currency.

When you’re selling items on the auction house, you’ll want to find more than one of them. For example, cloth sells better when it’s in stacks for selling. Many players will start a profession and want to advance quickly, so they’ll purchase all of the materials they need.

A great way to gain items to sell on the auction house is with a gathering profession like mining or herbalism. Stacks of copper or other raw materials can be turned into materials used in other crafting professions. New players are often in a good position to gather the beginning materials needed for these professions since they’re in the starting zones.

Once a character is level 15, they can start queuing up for dungeons. They’ll be able to find more unique items that they’ll need for their character as well as items they can sell for the currency. At higher levels, players can step back into smaller dungeons without a group to keep all of the farmed materials and gold for themselves too.

While it might seem that you’ll never be able to gain much gold in WoW, before you know it, you’ll have enough to spend on mounts and flying abilities in higher level areas. For people looking for great gifts for WoW players, you can consider a prepaid WoW card, so the new player can invest in buying items to sell on the auction house in game too.


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