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For many men, the size of his penis has a direct impact on his mental state. While there are some men who are naturally smaller than other men in this regard, most potential partners state it isn’t often the size of the man’s member that dictates their satisfaction through sexual intercourse. However, that often has little record on how a many thinks and feels about himself. Ultimately, it is up to the man to decide how and when he would consider male enhancement through penile enlargement. Now, there are a few different options available and, importantly, there are different bits of information that men need to know about their penis before going through with such enhancements.

Factors-affecting-penis-growth1-280x300The Penis is Not a Muscle

One of the most common bits of information circulating around the male community is the penis is a muscle. While there is a bit of muscular tissue located in the penis, this, for the most part, is not true. It is instead a soft, spongy tissue that, when aroused, fills with blood and becomes larger and harder. This is why the penis becomes erect and stiff upon arousal. Muscles would not react in this manor or grow in this manor. Due to this, working out the penile muscles do not have much of affect on the size of the penis.

natural-penis-enlargementSo How Can it Get Become Larger?

Since the penis is not actually a muscle but instead is made up of a spongy material, how can it become larger? Naturally, the tissue in the penis stops growing right around the time the rest of the body stops growing. Now, the height, weight or size of any other body part does not have any relation to the size of the penis, so these rumours have no barring on the overall size. Instead, there are a few basic options when it comes to this. These options include:


  • Surgery


  • Stretching the Tissue


  • Supplements



Surgeons at work
Surgeons at work


Surgery can help and it does offer the most definitive size increase for the penis. It is important to realize this is a much more complicated process than a breast implant or something of this nature. While it is easy for the penis to be injected with a silicone supplement to boost the width of the penis, this doesn’t do much in terms of extending the member. Surgery can do this, but it is a delicate process that deals with adding additional tissue and extending the veins of the penis. This is a painful process and, unless required, typically is not recommended.

Penis Enlargement Methods - 3 Types of Penis Exercises That Can Improve Your Manhood 2Stretching

This is the most common processor. It works by expanding the spongy tissue for several hours a day over the course of many months. Eventually, the tissue expands along with the stretching and increases the size of the penis. The eventual size gains is hard to determine, but it usually can provide some improvement.


Supplements can help boost growth potential in the body, but again it is difficult to determine any kind of actual penis size growth. Stretching is typically the best option.


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