Botox — Get What You Pay For


In all of the legions of cosmetic procedures, perhaps no other one has stuck in the public’s vocabulary as much as Botox. Short for “botulinum toxin”, Botox is essentially a protein that is injected to help stop or prevent the development of facial or bodily wrinkles. Its results are amazingly fast, with results showing less than a week after the injection. In two weeks, the results have thoroughly set in.

Since its inception, Botox has been a go-to therapy for many people. For many, the main concern for the treatment is the cost. The price for treatments may vary significantly, depending on the area it is administered on. The price may also depend on the doctor or clinic that will perform the injections.

cost-of-bid-bondsMinding the Cost

One common way of measuring the cost of Botox treatments is by way of units. Doctors can charge around RM 40.00 per unit. Each unit is a specific amount of Botox that is used to treat an area. The more units are used, the less likely it will be for the effects to wear off. There are certain clinics and spas that measure the treatment per area (forehead, crow’s feet, etc.) and charge lower prices. However, these treatments often wear off very quickly.

For example, a licensed doctor may use up to 60 units for treating a person’s face. At RM 40.00 per unit, that’s a total of RM 2400.00. A similar treatment may be carried out by a spa, priced at RM 600.00. The spa treatment often uses only around 10 units — actually making it more expensive at RM 60.00 per unit. As a consequence of the shorthanded treatment, the effects will usually last only for a couple of months.

tratamiento-botox-644x483Another thing that plays on the treatment price is the reputation of the doctor performing the Botox injections. A more reputable doctor usually charges at a slightly higher rate than his less-known peers. Despite this, it is important to consider that Botox treatments are not trivial cosmetic procedures. The substance is not like ordinary creams or facial treatments. Botox is a legitimate medical procedure. A person would always do better with an experienced professional, even if the rate is a little pricier. Less reputable practitioners have a bigger chance of botching up the process, resulting in off-target effects. The latter can include anywhere from allergies to the paralysis of the wrong group of muscles.

It is also important to consider the patient incentives one will be getting with specific practitioners. The higher the volume of patients, the more experience (and the higher the reputation) of the doctor. This is where Botox treatment brands like Allergan offer their deals, giving patients rebates and instant savings. This can often offset the higher cost of Botox.

wrinkleThere are some places in the world that specialize in Botox treatments, with a slew of recognized doctors and practitioners. Malaysia is among these. The country has a high annual rate of cosmetic procedures. When it comes to Botox Malaysia comes at reasonable prices and with spectacular results. The busy cosmetic scene of the country offers many deals from top brands as well, giving patients around the world a better alternative.

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