Career Success Tips: Set Your Career Path with These 5 Valuable College Courses

mjs-college11-fea-kwg-2-col-449x300As you enter your college years, taking the right courses that lead to a fruitful and rewarding career is critically important. The Malaysian economy continues to grow, and that means many new job opportunities every year. With those new opportunities, though, come more questions about how to best develop your job skills and increase your employability.

When you select your course of study in college, it helps to consider which classes will teach you advanced skills that make you highly employable. The following are five college courses that teach in-demand skills and make you virtually instantly employable upon graduation:


1.Business Communications

The ability to accurately and succinctly convey advanced concepts in relatively simple terms fosters highly effective business communications. When you can write informative, clearly written, accurate and grammatically correct business reports, presentations and other forms of communications, you become a valuable asset to virtually any organisation and highly employable. With experience, you might even open your own consulting business.


  1. Statistics and Probability

The ability to decipher data and understand its meaning is a critical analytical skill that can carry you far in your career. No matter what the field or industry might be, statistics and probability always play a role in strategic economic planning and long-term growth.

Very few people have the ability to read and understand statistics and probability, mostly because they did not take the time to learn. When you take those steps, you become an invaluable asset to your job provider.


  1. Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a practical skill that continues growing in demand as more businesses and organisations create websites and engage in online and mobile marketing. You can enroll in art and design courses to supplement your graphic design skills and become a truly creative and successful professional.


  1. Calculus

During its initial course, calculus trains you to understand advanced concepts, like level, rates of change, and how changes in the rates of change affect things. In the workplace, that means you can make quick, relatively accurate estimates of future performance. You then use calculations to more accurately estimate performance, while reducing potential error.


  1. Computer Programming

A single course in computer programming involving Python, Java or other commonly used programming language teaches you how to manipulate data. Add less than a year of practical experience in computer programming, and you likely will find your skills in high demand. That means you likely could work for a steady employer, or enter into business for yourself as a freelance computer programmer.


If you complete one or more of the five college courses listed or their equivalent, you will develop your critical thinking and your practical skills for future employment. That doesn’t guarantee you will land a job right away when you earn your college degree.

Yet, successful completion, combined with practical experience, will give you an edge over other job candidates. You also develop long-term practical skills that always will be in demand and make you eminently more employable and suited for quick advancement during your career.

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